Friday, July 5, 2013

Who Hates Potty Training???....I Hate Potty Training!!

We have been at this for what seems like an eternity. We introduced Brady to the potty at 18 months old. Which he had absolutely no interest in.  We started really talking about potty training and showing him how to use the potty at 2 years old.  Which he had no interest in.  We really started encouraging him to use the potty at 2.5.  Which he had a tiny bit of interest in...but really only to get M&Ms.  When he turned 3 we told him he was going to use the potty all of the time soon and was going to get to wear cool big boy underwear. Which he would be interested in a couple times but would much rather go in his diaper. And now we have reached today.  Today is hard core potty training day.  Today is the day we are just throwing away the diapers and tackling this matter head on.  The messy way.  Brady has to be potty trained for preschool. Which he starts in a month and a half.  We've tried so many different approaches and haven't had any continued success with any of it.  He's 3 years, 2 months old and I think he's ready. I think he's ready and he's just being stubborn because he can.  We've been talking with him about this day now for weeks and he always repeats it back to us, "Pretty soon, no more diapers! Pretty soon, Brady going to wear big boy underwear and go pee pee and poopy in the potty!"  Well that day is here and I just hope we have enough patience to get us through this.  And suddenly we're regretting our decision to get new carpet.  So potty training, here we come!!

And oh my goodness thank you all so much for your votes!! I got 13th place, lucky number 13!!! I was blown away by everyone's support and can't thank you all enough!  


Julie Danielle said...

You can do it. It took my oldest years to get it but by the end we had to just ditch the diapers. It took 3 weeks of mess and yuck but it was worth. And once he was trained like that he rarely had an accident after.

I plan to do the same thing with my 2.5 later in July. I want him to be out of diapers before he is 3 but we will see.

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