Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blogging Jinx and some other random things

Quite the title, huh?  This will be a very random post, but you know what? Sometimes random posts are just what you need.

  • Do you ever feel like there's such a thing as blogging jinx? Like when you say your kids are sleeping/eating/behaving really well and then like the second you post it they start doing the complete opposite?  Yeah so my sweet Brady post?  Kind of been a stinker since then. I know he's getting anxious about all of the future changes and misses home (Omaha) but come on, bud! 4 is supposed to be awesome and so far it's been anything but that. Buuuttt it's only been 5 days, so I guess I'll give it some time.
  • Speaking of blogging jinxes, remember my post complaining about the fact that there were no houses in Colorado to rent? Well literally hours after I posted that, I found a house, called, scheduled a showing for our friends there to go check it out, and after a couple days it was ours!  Things are finally starting to come together with this whole move and we're really, really excited about this new house! Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to decorate it all! :)
Check out the mountain view from one of the bedrooms....can't wait!!

  • One of my bestest friends from kindergarten is flying in tomorrow to Atlanta.  I am beyond excited. I'm taking the kids to the Georgia Aquarium before her flight and then after Brian gets home from school Friday we're hitting the road and heading to a resort down in Destin. JUST US GIRLS!!!! Did I say that I'm beyond excited? Oh because I am. I'm  feeling the mommy guilt already but I think it's time. I haven't left them for more than a night and I think that after 4 years it's time to take a weekend for myself. It'll be Brian's first weekend alone with the kids but I know they'll all do great.
  • Brian still doesn't have his official orders yet (should be coming this week) for our PCS and we called TMO (the people who move us) and they said they now need 5 weeks notice. Soooo we may just be moving ourselves. Not stressful at all.
  • This little lady is going to be 2 in 2 weeks. Where has the time gone? And I am so not ready for another round of the 2's already. Please tell me we're in the worst of it now, ok little one?

  • We only have 2.5 weeks left here in Alabama. It's flown by. I think it's because we've stayed so busy and made a point to go see so many things. We've seriously had so much more fun here than I expected.  After we get back to Omaha we have 6 days left in our old house, then go on to temporary housing for a week, throw in throwing a big birthday party for both of the kids, then off to Minnesota for 2 weeks for our 10 year reunion, a wedding several birthdays, and then it's off to our new home in Colorado! As I've been telling the kids, pretty soon we're going to have a magnificent adventure!  AKA hold on tight, it's going to be a wild ride! :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Brady's Birthday, Pool, Lake Martin, and A Park: Our Weekend

Brian has been really busy with his school stuff and since we only brought 1 computer with...that means no blog updates from me! Soo that's why it's Tuesday night and you're just getting our little weekend recap.  
I'm going to start on Thursday though. Which was a special little guy's 4th birthday.

I tried to make it as special as possible since we aren't "home".

I filled the kids messy room with balloons too and it was hilarious to see his reaction in the morning.

I asked him what he wanted for breakfast, cupcakes or pancakes. And he of course picked cupcakes (smart man!).

We opened a few gifts and then spent the morning playing with them.

Lunch was McDonald's (Brady's choice. Such a healthy, healthy day).

And then some park time.

Brady got a huge package in the mail that he had to carry himself because he's big now, he's 4, duh.

This wasn't on Brady's birthday, but I had to preface the other pictures. See, Brady has found love in the fields of Maxwell AFB.  We were at field day for Brian and Brady started playing with this sweet girl, Sierra, who's daddy is in Brian's flight. They played together for hours and then held hands wherever they went. They played together everyday after that before they went to Texas to go visit family. And a certain sister (cough, cough, Layla) was not a fan of their relationship.  

Thursday night we had a flight dinner and we had a pizza party with some birthday cake for Brady. My diet (nonexistent the last month and a half) thrown out the window for the day.

Sierra and Brady were sitting next to each other getting ready for Brady's cake and Layla literally squeezed her way in between them. "Oh hey guys! Sweet party here. Thanks for inviting me. Oh there's cake! Oh Brady,  you're just my favorite!"

Look how smug she looks here.

"Happy Birthday Brady!"


And Brady's new Twins hat. That he looks about 14 in.

Friday Brian got out early from work so we headed to the apartment pool.

The water was freezing but it was 85 degrees out so it was a pretty great pool day.

Taking a very important snack break. Of course. Pretty sure we just had a relaxed Friday night.

Saturday morning we drove to Lake Martin. I knew nothing about it but apparently it's a big destination in Alabama. A lot of our friends here suggested we go to it so we drove the hour and it was a ton of fun! "Look ma, sticks!" And of course she is carrying a bag of crackers. 

We met up with friends there and had a good 'ol morning on the lake. Sharing snacks with her bud.

And Prince Brady got pushed around on a floaty.

After spending the morning on the west part of the lake we drove 40 minutes to join our other friends on the east side. They were staying at the Maxwell area and it was pretty nice.

Our friends also rented paddleboards so we had fun taking those out.

And Layla had fun playing in the sand

Me and Alma

And more snacks.
I even got brave enough to try the paddleboard for the first time.

It was actually a lot of fun! The lake was really calm so it was easier than I thought it would be.

Attempt at a family pic

More fun playing in the sand

They shipped sand in from Destin so it was super nice

We left the lake around 6 and they hard core konked out the second we got in the car.

And of course were wide awake when we got back to Montgomery.  Soo we had a movie night with popcorn followed by a good night of sleep.

Sunday morning we headed to our favorite park here

Played on a baseball field before some storms rolled in,

And took an after dinner walk!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We've been having some interesting storms here. Last night we were woken at 2 am with a tornado warning. There's supposed to be more storms headed our way but hopefully we'll be able to get some sleep tonight! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

To Brady on Your 4th Birthday

I know that this day isn't about me, but can we at least cheers to the fact that your daddy and I have been parents (also known as have survived) for the last 4 years?  Ok, now on to you.

Dear Brady,

Can it really be true, are you really 4 already? Seriously where did the last year go?  I have to say, Brady boy, I love the age you're at.  Love it.  Most people say to watch out for the terrible 3's but I have to say it was your best year yet.  Thanks for getting it out of your system when you were an infant-two years old.  You and I walked around the lake here the other night and I just realized how much I just love spending time with you. You are so fun to talk to and I just love to see how your mind works and how you see the world. Since it's your birthday I just want to share some things that I love about you. 

I love your caring heart.  You are such a good big brother to Layla and nothing makes me happier than when I see you two being sweet to each other.  

I love how excited you get about even the smallest things. Going for a run with Mommy or Daddy, going to the park, watching your favorite movie, having chicken nuggets, etc. You have such a zest for life and those around you just love seeing you light up and hearing your enthusiasm.

I love the way you love.  I realized lately at one of my MOPS meetings that your love language is definitely words of affirmation.  You love to be told when you're doing well, that we love you, and to be told you're a big boy. Right now the big thing that crushes you is when you're told that we're disappointed in your behavior, that you're not acting big. You use words to love as well.  You tell me often that I'm  pretty, that I'm your princess, that you like my outfits/hair/toenail color.  And you tell me that you love me in the sweetest ways. 

I love how you've grown.  You used to be a not very flexible baby/toddler and now you can roll with the punches. As long as I'm verbal with you and explain what's going on, you're game and I appreciate that so much.  You share so well now and play so well with others.  You are sweet, helpful, and I don't really want you to grow up at all. I remember asking my mom what her favorite age was of mine and she said 4. And now I completely get it.  You are a pleasure to be around. I love our conversations, our "dates", our special trips, sharing sweet treats, and I just love being your mommy. Now feel free to stay this age forever!  I love you Brady and may this be your best year yet! Happy Birthday!!!


Newborn 4/24/10

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