Monday, March 31, 2014

Day Out Thomas aka Our Day Out with Bad Luck

So to continue yesterday's post, we took the kids to Day Out with Thomas on Sunday. Both of my kids are OBSESSED with Thomas. Obsessed.  Brady's been a Thomas freak since he was about 1 and since Brady loves Thomas, so does Layla.  I've been looking to take them to day out with thomas for a couple years now but they don't have any close to Omaha at all . I happened to see that they had one in Calera, AL while we'd be here so I ordered tickets right away.  We didn't tell the kids what we were doing and called it our big surprise.
Leaving the apartment with their Thomas shirts on. Brady's excited and Layla just wants to be left alone to eat her breakfast.  

The trip started out innocent enough until about 20 minutes into our hour and ten minute drive our low tire pressure alert came on.  Brian thought ehh it's probably nothing but I encouraged him to pull over to a gas station to check it out.  He read the tire pressures, saw that one tire was a little low, filled it up, and was ready to get back on the road.  I went over to the tire because I had a bad feeling and yep, found a huge screw in it.  So we go over our options.  See we had tickets for a 12:00 train ride on Thomas and at this point it is almost 10:30.  We decide to jump back in the car, ride back down to Montgomery, put all of stuff and us in Brian's car, and race like mad up to Calera.  But of course it's spring break season on a Sunday and everyone and their mother is traveling north on 65 from the ocean.  And then Brady starts crying that his tummy hurts.  Sigh.

I hate that feeling of being rushed so much and we just watched the minutes tick closer and closer to noon. I called the ticket office and they said they could "probably" get us on another train ride. We pull up at 11:58, run our butts to the ticket office as we heard the train pulling away. Luckily the kids didn't know what was going on (they were just thrilled to see Thomas) and they graciously got us on the 12:45 train.

Yay we made it!

They had a ton of things set up for the kids to do. Number 1 on mommy's list: get a picture taken of them in their matching shirts.

Layla's plan of action: find the messiest thing possible and get as dirty as possible. 

And of course their were loads and loads of trains to play with

And tunnels to get our arms stuck in. "HEEEYLP! HEEEYLP!!" She has a southern help call now.

And bounce houses!

If you want some birth control, go to a Thomas festival. Tons of whiny, tantrum-y, toddlers and preschoolers.  We felt right at home.

And then there was the "Meet Sir Topham Hat" exhibit that we just had to do.  Brady is sitting on a bench far away, crying. And Layla was clinging to Brian as tightly as she could. Sir Topham Hat was confused. Brian was having fun rocking Layla's pink backpack. Love that man.  Why our children are so deathly afraid of characters, I will never know.

This was the best we could get.

Probably because they were expecting this Sir Topham Hat.

After getting pictures taken we get ready to go to the loading dock to catch our train. But then Brady HAS to pee.  We get out of the bathrooms and hear the train whistle blowing.

We missed another mother bleeping train.  Bye Thomas!!  I walked back into the ticket office hanging my head. "We missed another train. Today is not our day. Any possible way we could get on another one? It's the last time I ask, I promise."  Luckily people here are nice, took pity on my poor Yankee self, and got us on the 1:30 train.

So we ate some lunch.

And jammed out to the Thomas music that was playing constantly.

Brian did too. Is it bad that we knew every single song?

After lunch, no messing around. We got in line and waited until Thomas pulled up because we were not going to missing another freaking train.

Waiting in line to ride Thomas!

We had reservations for the really cool open air part but by this point we were on a train and I didn't care if we were riding on the wheels. We were on the train.

Can't give the camera eye contact for anything but that was the look of pure joy!

Layla was tired/scared of the monsters. Brian enjoyed the snuggles yet again.

Day Out with Thomas!!

Apparently my children haven't seen sunshine in awhile.

After the train, more activities that included shoveling sand and bubbles.
And a maze. We did the Thomas maze at least 8 times.

So Thomas, even though not everything went to plan

you were still pretty neat.

And my children were out the second the car pulled out.

I wasn't paid to endorse Day Out with Thomas but if you have a train lover and it comes to your area, check it out. It really is neat and the kids really did love it. It's all they've been talking about today! :)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Weekend-Montgomery Edition

This weekend was our first full weekend in Alabama and MAN were we busy!

Friday was a very rainy day and I had two very restless little ones.  They've been a little spoiled with the nice weather so a rainy day was just not to their liking. I decided a Walmart trip was in order because let's be honest that's a trip in itself.  I digress. I let them pick out some rain boots and holy moly, you would have thought I gave them a million dollars.

You mean we can go splash? IN the puddles?  

Entertainment for hours.

Daddy even came home early too! In his blimp suit aka his PT gear. I swear he doesn't weigh 400 lbs.

The evening the sun actually came out and after outfit changes from being soaking wet, we enjoyed a nice night out around the lake feeding the duckies.

Saturday morning we decided to check out historic downtown Montgomery. I was amazed at how much history took place there. Such as the bus stop where Rosa Parks did her thing. Layla and her baby were waiting in the back for their turn for a picture.

We also walked past the church Martin Luther King was a pastor at.

They climbed these stairs no less than 5 times.

And we also climbed the stairs to the Montgomery Capital

Couldn't make it past a couple monuments without a snack. Of course.

Standing on the steps of the capital looking down where the Selma March to Montgomery ended. Amazing to think about the history that occurred right on that street.

My children, obviously respecting history.

The spot where Jefferson Davis was inaugurated  as the Confederate President.

Brady standing in that spot

I actually got a picture of them looking and smiling! Must be a miracle!

Layla pushing a bell and then pooping her pants

Broken necklaces, babies, and poopy pants. Her day is complete.

If you're still reading, we then visited the First White House of the Confederacy. 

We even caught a tour as it was going on and it was pretty neat.

Aaand then it was definitely naptime so we headed out

And we found a very interesting wig in the garbage can. Only in the south. And only I would take a picture of something like this.

That night we went out for dinner at this awesome place that had FREE kids meals. Every. Day. AND free ice cream too.

I think we found our new favorite place.

And in other news, Saturday night WE GOT AN OFFER ON OUR HOUSE!!!!!! AND ACCEPTED IT!!! Here's a picture the realtor sent of our living room. I didn't even recognize it. Where are all of the toys?!  And the kid goo? We have an inspection this week and if all is good, then we will have sold our house! SUCH a relief!!

Aaand today we went to Day Out with Thomas in Calera, Alabama. It was a pretty rocky start but I'll recap that tomorrow on the blog.

These silly kids love their Thomas!

Afterwards we went to a bbq here at the apartments for all of the SOS families staying here. And now I'm going to go collapse on the couch. Such a busy weekend but we wouldn't have it any other way! :)

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