Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Checking In

Never was there a more random post but here's what we've been up to lately!

  • I'm still running and hoping to do another couple of 5ks in August.  Still not super fast..but getting faster! I ran with Brian the other night and I ran a 9:33 mile!  That's a huge improvement for me.

The kids are super, super helpful when we go running on base. They usually are good for 1 lap but then scream and whine until we let them out to roam the parade field.  I guess being near cannons is more fun than being strapped in a stroller??

  • Brady is in the throes of the "Trying Three's" and I'm pretty sure he's moodier and more hormonal than a group of teenagers. I may be biting my words come 13 years but woohee!  Today after I wouldn't let him wipe Layla's bottom (yes, you read that right, wipe her after she pooped) he ran to his room screaming "It's not fair!!" Oh the drama.  Some days he's an absolute joy to be around and other days everything is wrong. 

"Mommy!!.......Mooooommmmy!! MOMMY!! Look! I'm a turtle! Take my picture?"

  • My kids are obsessed with brushing their teeth. And doing it together.  It's the weirdest thing and it feels so wrong to tell them, "Ok, you brushed your teeth 4 times this morning already, no more!" I mean, is it normal to threaten a time out for excessive teeth brushing?  I know, I know, you're thinking she's crazy for being annoyed that her kids like to brush their teeth but every time I step in the bathroom they want to brush their teeth aka make a water mess everywhere and if I don't let them one child cough, cough, Layla throws her body to the ground in a fit of terror.  Yes, this is my life. At least it's entertaining, right?

  • Don't let this child fool you....behind that sweet smile is a bunch of mischief with a basket of screams. She has discovered just how fun it is to run away when we're out at the park and scream bloody murder if I should  pick her up or direct her in the correct direction. She is also a teething monster so that's been fun.  Good thing she's cute! :)  She's been talking so much more now though and her new favorite thing to scream is, "DADDY!"  It's pretty cute.  Her personality is really developing and she can be so sweet (especially with her dolls) but she can be tough and hang with her brother too. I can't wait to see what kind of little lady she turns out to be!
What, Mom?

  • Brady is starting preschool in less than a month! I have mixed feelings about this.  One one hand I think it's crazy he's even old enough to go but I think he's ready and we got him potty trained just in time (whew)!

This was our Mommy/Brady date night. He got to go out with just mommy and pick out a new backpack for school and then out for frozen yogurt after.  We pretty much had a blast!

  • We've been so blessed to have so many visitors lately and the trend continues! Our friend from high school, Mike, is coming to visit this weekend. It's his first time visiting us so we're going to try and show him what Omaha's all about!

Uncle Mike (Papa's brother) was in Omaha on business last week and we got to have dinner with him. It was so good to see him and the kids had so much fun playing with him!

  • We've been going to the park a ton lately. We've just had the best weather so we've been outside so much more this summer than past ones.  

  • Layla's hair is starting to get a little longer and sometimes she rocks these ponytails.  It distracts a little from the lady mullet.

  • We're gearing up for a very busy August and September followed by a deployment..blah.  But we're traveling next week to Mississippi for a friend's wedding. Never thought we'd make it back to Columbus, but we are!! Can't wait to see our friends and celebrate their marriage.  Now I'm just hoping we survive the 13+ hour drive there.  With a newly potty trained child. And a diabetic dog. And a screamer.  Pray for us..please?!  

Mississippi or bust!


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