Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby it's hot outside!

We've had a mini heat wave hit us here in Nebraska this week so we've been looking for ways to keep us busy. And I'm sure you're just dying to know how potty training is going. Well it's going alright. Some days are ok, some days are great, and some days are just a pee disaster.  There's really no telling what kind of day it's going to be!  So other than sticking around home a ton we've tried doing a couple of fun things to keep from going stir crazy.

We went with friends to the nearby splash pad

Brady with his bff

Layla practiced walking some more and has gotten really fast!

We went to the park and hung out in these tires for a good hour.  And had a nice pee/poop disaster in them too.  Joy.

We baked cookies and brownies for Daddy's our underwear. The underwear only has become a trend for him in our house.

I swear Mom I didn't eat any!

We made sure to stay hydrated since it was so warm out

And we walked around in Daddy's our underwear.

Brian's been doing a survival refresher course on top of preparing for a big inspection so he's been gone a lot lately. The little beggars this morning. Not sure if they're just trying to spend time with him or eat all of his breakfast?

We have a fun weekend's Railroad Days here (insert Brady yesssss! scream). So you better believe it's going to be a train filled weekend. Hopefully we don't poop on any trains.


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