Monday, April 29, 2013

Hi. It's me, Brady. Remember me?

Hi. I'm back. I've been real sick like lately so I apologize for not blogging lately. Stupid kids and their illnesses getting me all sick and stuff. Well a lot has happened that I need to fill you in on.  So stick with me as I update you. K? Ok.

Thank you for your kind words on my birthday as well. I may seem all hard and stuff but on the inside I am a sensitive guy and I appreciate your birthday well wishes. Dad, get the hell out of my shot!!

I've been training Layla.

I can get her to do pretty much anything as long as food is involved.

Good Layla, good job girl!

I know I've said it before but this girl loves to eat.

And now she loves to take baths too. Lookin good girl! Keep eating that spaghetti!

(She's not amused).

Gramma came too and that was fun! She tried picking up random guys at the museum.

And Layla stared at a buffalo for awhile.

I wish I had a good story about this picture. But it's what it looks like. A Brady and a Gramma coming out of a tent.

Good thing that wasn't a real horse she was on. I don't think it could've carried all that weight! Ok Layla I'm sorry you're not even that chubby. You're just so easy to make fun of.

Layla also pet a goat.

And then did a cheer about it after.

"Give me a G-O-O-T. What does that spell? Goat! Goat Goat!"  I never said she was smart.

And then a couple days before my birthday Daddy cut my hair. Looks so good, doesn't it! I didn't understand why Mommy and Gramma laughed so hard that they cried and then why I had to go get my hair cut again. Good job Daddy!

Speaking of my was bomb.

Sir Topham Hat even came and we picked up lots of chicks.

Most of my party Layla ate. And then hung out at the tub.

No Layla you're super cool.

On my actual birthday Daddy pulled me aside and gave me a bag and called it "our secret present".  I wasn't sure what that was all about but then I pulled this out. Coool Dad, a tiger shirt just like you have. Neato.

Now that it's getting nicer out Layla and I can play doggy and baby. She pretends to feed me fingers and locks me outside for hours.

It's super fun!

Oooh looking pretty Layla!

As many of you have seen I did get a new car. It was a blast until my parents made me start bringing Layla around everywhere.

This is a "picking up chicks" truck not a "driving your sister around" truck Mom and Dad, geez!
Well I need to go rest. This blogging business is hard work when you're sick. 'Til next time folks!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brady's 3!

Oh my darling dear Brady, you are 3 years old!  We have made it to 3! We made it past the infant stage where you learned to roll, crawl, say your first words, feed yourself, and cry. A lot.  We made it past the 1's where you learned to walk, learned lots of words, learned to assert your independence, and learned what tantrums were all about.  Past the 2's where you really learned to talk, share your feelings with us (including the ever sweet I love you Mommy!), learned to be a big brother (and what a good one you've been!) and really throw some good tantrums.  And now here we are at 3, a year most parents say is the hardest.  I'm crossing my fingers that you just went through those hard stages early and that now at 3 you'll just be a peach! 
 You have just grown in so many ways and have taught me so many things along the way.  I love the little boy you've grown into. I love picking you up from your Parent's Day Out program and hearing what a sweet, sensitive, caring, well behaved little boy you are.  I'm also glad that when you decide to act out you do it at home and not at school! :)  I love how helpful you are and that you love doing things for others. I love how excited you get over the smallest things (like our carpet still that we got in December). It makes my days so enjoyable knowing that the littlest things will make you over the moon happy. I love seeing you interact with your sister. I know she's teaching you patience and I love seeing you love on her and try to make her happy.  I love how you can memorize so many songs and dances from movies and I love how you perform them. I hope that you always do that.  I love how much you love trains and that we live in a place that has so many train things! It's just so quintessential boy and it just makes me smile.  I love how you like to cuddle and ask me, "Mommy can we snuggle?"  It makes my heart warm and you better believe I'm going to get as many snuggles, kisses, and hugs in before they're not fun anymore to you.  I love that you love shopping as much as I do. "What do you want to do now Brady?"  "Go shopping, Mommy! Let's go to the mall! Or Target!" You've been my shopping buddy for the last 3 years and that better always continue! ;)  It cracks me up to see you put groceries in your cart, push them around like you're an adult, then greet the check-out clerk, put your groceries up to get checked out, pay, and then say thank you. I think it amazes them up to see a 3 year old do this as well with so much authority!  I love the relationship you have with your daddy.  You truly have the best daddy and he absolutely loves playing ball with you, running and wrestling with you, and he really likes the snuggles too.  I love that you get that Daddy is a pilot now and that you tell him everyday to have fun flying his airplane and when he gets home you ask him if he had fun at work flying his airplane. It's pretty neat too that we can point at an airplane in the sky knowing that it's daddy flying that plane.  I love how observant you are that you notice so many things.  It's especially cute that you can tell when daddy gets his haircut or when mommy changes her nail polish color and you compliment us on them. There are so many other things that I love about you but I'm sure people don't have hours to read this post. Most of all, little boy, I love you and can't wait to watch you grow and learn even more.  Here are some pictures from your 3rd birthday:
Birthday boy's chair all decorated for him in the morning

Chocolate chip pancakes with a candle in them of course!

Blow it out!

Opening a couple of small presents. Goofy! He is obsessed with A Goofy Movie right now.

Daddy took him to shoot hoops at the YMCA and then they came back and Brady drove his car around the yard.  Then we went to Nobbies (local party store) and he got to pick out a balloon. After that we went to Target and picked out snacks for him to bring to PDO today.

After nap we let him pick out where he wanted to go for dinner. He picked Freddy's which is a steakburger place and they have yummy custard too.

Birthday boy!

Mommy and Brady eating our dinner

Yummy (free!) sundae for the big 3 year old

His little button say's it's my 3rd birthday today. He wore it around all day.

After dinner we went to the park and flew a kite

It was super windy so it worked well!

Then it was time for some cake

With a big 3 candle!

This kid loves being sung too!  We had to say ok, last time singing Happy Birthday! Haha!
Now a little flashback:

Brady man on his birthday

Brady on his 1st Birthday

Brady at 2 years old

Cheers to that, 3 years down! :)

Layla 11 Months!

Only 10 days late, haha!  Baby girl is 11 months old now and is sure acting like an almost toddler!  She's a crawling, pulling up, cruising, annoyer of brother, eating, and screaming machine!  Good thing she's cute! :)  Her favorite activity is now getting as close to her brother and what he is doing and mess it up some how. One of her favorites is playing with the velcro on Brady's shoes. Sigh.  It was a mostly peaceful first 10 months at least!  Brady's been doing well with it though. And the weather is supposed to finally warm up these next couple of days so we can get outside and not be squished in our tiny living room!
I'm not sure of Layla's height and weight but will find out at her 1 year appointment coming up in a couple weeks. How is it possible that I have a 3 year old and an almost 1 year old? The last year has flown by. Seriously.  Here's some 11 month pictures of my silly little lady:
Just checking to make sure we wrote the right month on there.

Silly little girl!

Oh this chair and this deck looks like a wonderful place to pull up on!

A little glimpse at her hair. Probably going to be a lady mullet pretty soon!

Looks so much like her daddy it's scary!

*Daddy was right on the side waiting to catch her so no Laylas were harmed in this photo shoot.

Layla at 11 months
Brady at 11 months

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