Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Recap: Papa's Here!!

We had another jam packed fun-filled weekend!  The weather was absolutely beautiful: 70's and little to no humidity so we took advantage of that and were outside as much as possible.  We also had a special visitor this weekend: Papa and Mack!  Nana had to work and we really missed her! Here are the pictures from our fun weekend:
Friday night we went to an outdoor concert at the nearby mall. Brady and Layla were slow dancing together...melts my heart!

Then to run off more energy we let the kiddos play outside.  Clearly we are starving this little girl.

The next morning Mack and Papa were here! It may not look like it, but they (Brady and Layla) both were super pumped!

We had Brady's final t-ball game of the season so we had to get out to the fields bright and early.  Hurray for no more early Saturday morning games! :)

Papa and Layla even got to play an inning!

Hornets last cheer

Brian with his t-ball team! No picture is complete without a preschooler crying.

After the game we did a park hop (kind of like a bar hop...but with parks..duh) through the neighborhood. This was at the yellow park.

Rascal and Mack came too

Here's Layla taking herself for a walk at the blue park.

She couldn't hang much longer though.

Then it was the red park. We wore Papa out too.

Picture break!

After naptime Layla fed Papa some snacks and played dolls with him

After that we went to the end of the YMCA t-ball season celebration at the Omaha Stormchaser's game at Werner Park.  Brian got to participate in the coach's wiffle ball home run derby before the game. He didn't win but he got a nifty goody bag!

Then it was time for the players and coaches to march on the field. We all got these free blue hats at the game too.

Marching and waving at his adoring fans. Brady, that is. Not Brian.

I even got to march too!

Just walking past Warren Buffett, no big deal.

Pretty neat!

Then Brady's bff Judah and his family came to watch the game with us. Their favorite part was not the baseball but all of the music.  Here's them shaking what they've got.

Brady and Judah

And their daddy's too. Going on deployment #3 together this October so they're basically BFF's too.

Layla and I at the game.  Pretty sure I maybe saw 1 play of the game between chasing kids and chatting!

Group shot!  Gosh my kids take wonderful pictures.  This was about .2 seconds before all of the kids were just done!

Then the next morning it was absolutely beautiful out so we went to one of our favorite places: Fontenelle Forest to go do some hiking.

Family shot. We had fun, I swear!

Layla's too cool for hiking.

Walking through the forest

We went to their downstairs exhibit and the kids rode some know, normal things.

It also blew their minds to sit on bean bag chairs. We couldn't contain their excitement.

Then we finished out the hiking with a nice DQ trip because why not ruin the calories you just burned?

Brady's shot of us.  Layla needs a drip of constant food/beverages, I swear.

Thanks for coming to visit us Papa! We had such a fun weekend! 


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