Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life as I know it

Life as a stay at home mom is tough.  Way, way tougher than I ever thought it would be.  Throw in being a solo stay at home mom.  To a toddler and an infant. To a toddler that loves to push boundaries and an infant that is teething and doesn't want you to be away from her for a second. I think that's enough to make anyone go crazy!  Today was a hard day.  I'm not too proud to admit that there are days that I just want to be anywhere but here.  Brady's been having a tough time sleeping, really ever since Brian left.  He has been waking up anywhere from 1-4 times a night screaming.  Last night he only got up once and when he did I asked him what the matter was (like I usually do),  he told me he was scared.  I think he's been having nightmares lately and all I can do is reassure him that he's ok and to go back to sleep.  Layla has been going through the 4 month sleep regression.  She'll wake up a couple times a night crying in her sleep and has been having a tough time napping lately too.  So needless to say I've been a pretty tired out mama.  Today both kiddos were grumpy and the lack of sleep just made it that much worse.  So to cheer myself up I took pictures of the kids. I love that in pictures you are capturing just a moment. From these pictures you would never know that they were grumpy or having anything but a good day. And smiling as I look back on these pictures it makes me realize that each day is a new day and before I know it Brian will be home, these kiddos will be all grown up, and I'm going to laugh about and miss days like today.  Here are my pride and joy:
I love how he asks to hold his sister and how happy it makes her!

Mom leave us alone!

So, so sweet. Them watching Curious George together.


My sweet little girl who is growing up so, so fast!

How Brady spends the majority of his day

So drooly!

Look mama how strong I am!

Always watching her brother. Always!

Oh hi Mom! She looks like Brian in this picture to me!

Being silly

Love her!

This picture makes me laugh.  Our family pictures next month are going to go great, ha!


Love these babies. Good days and bad!

Layla and her sweet giggles!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Again From Japan!

Here it is, another post from a deployed location.  I am again on the small island Japanese Prefecture, Okinawa.  I have been here for 1.5 months so far this rotation and have about another half month until I am allowed to return home to the family I miss so much.

I am actually flying a different variant of the my jet with a different squadron this time.  The schedules are much less predictable than I am used to and we tend to fly long boring missions with a few brief moments of excitement.  I'm having a good time learning how these guys work and all of the people on my crew are great.  That being said, it hasn't all been completely without adversity.  So far two typhoons (Pacific for hurricane) have passed directly over the island.  The first one forced us to evacuate to mainland Japan to a base about an hour outside of Tokyo.  Pictures later.  We were allowed to stay for the second typhoon, a category 3/4 when it passed over the island, but over that time I developed an infection on my leg (no pictures).  Long story short, it has finally started to heal and I'm back up flying.  There is a third typhoon on its way though.

Below are a lot of pictures taken from with my phone of the trip so far:


On our way to Okinawa, we made a pit stop in Fairbanks, Alaska, staying for one night.

Eielson AFB Tower
Our hotel

Tasty local beer

View on our way into AK.  Mt McKinley is there somewhere











Here is a view from our building looking towards the city.

My hallway.  Very similar to last time.

My attempt at capturing the "Lawn Ninjas" here

Another visit to the tomb of the Sweet Potato Man

Former AAA site

The entrance to an ancient castle on the island.

It was in fact a World Heritage Site

Another ancient gate

Stairs on our way to the castle

Actual spring where royal family got water

Panoramic view from the top of the stairs seen earlier.  It is the city of Naha with the ocean in the background.

Rebuilt Shiri Castle


View of the actual ancient remains of the castle

Recreated throne

Chair from where the king addressed his subjects

Traditional Japanese rooms in the castle

Bridge leading to building built to house a book that was given to the king as a gift way back when

Fancy drinking fountain with minty gargle water

Torii Beach located north of Kadena AB

Me paddle-boarding

One of the guys on the crew kite-boarding

View of inside of tanker that took us to Tokyo






Downtown Tokyo

View of Tokyo from Tower

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo subway car

Electric district of Tokyo

Fancy fountain

Another castle, this time where the Japanese emperor lived

Hotel where we met up with a crewmember's dad who is a 747 pilot that happened to be in town

Resturant that serves blowfish

Picture in subway for Brady


Grilled Cheese w/taco meat

Korean BBQ at "Blinky Light" place.

Fresh catch of the day from Okinawan seafood place.

Shark burger at same place.  Actually shark meat.

One of my plates from the O-Club Sunday Brunch

Very tasty pancakes from local pancake house

That is all.  Thank you to everyone for all of your support.  I really miss everyone back home and cannot wait to be back soon.  I love you Rachel, Brady, and Layla!!!

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