Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving week

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We had a great one! We have so much to be thankful for this year, so it was an extra special one for us. We were blessed to share Thanksgiving with three other couples and we had a blast! The past week has been quite a blur for us. On Monday, we found out that we're having a boy, Wednesday was my last day of work, Thursday was Thanksgiving, and Friday was Black Friday!! You better believe the night we found out it was a boy, I went out and bought some cute boy outfits! We're still debating on names, hopefully by April we'll have one picked out! :) On Wednesday I was sad to say goodbye to Beans and Cream. I can't believe it's been a year since I started working there! Brian and I decided to have me quit before Thanksgiving so that we would be able to come home for a couple weeks in December, so that I could take it easy before we move, and so I could spend time with our friends and enjoy Columbus! I also wanted to be home more so that when Brian wasn't flying I could spend time with him since after he gets his wings he will be gone a lot flying. We put up our Christmas tree and decorations on Friday after I got done shopping. This year has flown by, I cannot believe it is almost Christmas time! Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving:

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's A...................


We had a great appointment today. Everything looks great and we are super excited that we are having a little boy! Now we just need to agree on a name! Brian's excited because not only did Joe Mauer win MVP but he's having a boy! Great day! Here's some pics from our ultrasound:

It's definitely a boy!! He had his legs nice and open for us!

Our sweet baby's face. His eyes are open!

His little arms that were waving all around! :)

His little legs that were kicking

Kinda hard to see, but it's his foot

Another boy shot! (As Brian would say, the toilet seat view)

Legs on the left, stomach, arms, and face!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Career Day!

Last Saturday was Career Day at Columbus AFB. On this day they have several pilots from different airframes come talk about the plane they fly, the mission of that plane, what the lifestyle is like of that plane, and the available bases for that plane. It helps the students make informed decisions come assignment night where they get to rank their top choices of airframes. This was the second Career Day since Brian was in pilot training, and I went to the first one, so I opted out of the morning briefings but went to the static displays in the afternoon. We got to see the most important one though, the C-17. This is Brian's top choice to fly and is a really cool plane. They have been dropping a few for the past few classes, so hopefully we can get one! They have really nice bases too, all on the coast. Another plane Brian is interested in is the RC-135. It's a spy plane that does some cool things! The main base for that is in Omaha so it would be really great to be closer to home! Brian did pass his checkride last week and did well! It's such a relief to have that stressful checkride out of the way! He started some formation flying this week and really enjoys it. They are still on track to be done flying before Christmas so it's pretty crazy to think he only has a little over a month left of flying! We are more than ready for assignment night and to see where the Air Force will take us next! Here are some pictures from Career Day:

The lovely C-17

Brian looking right at home in the cockpit of the C-17

Me with the cockpit behind me

Brian and I by the C-17

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Update!

I had my third doctor's appointment today and all went well! They just took my vitals and listened to the baby's heartbeat. It was at 156 bpm and sounded good. Both the doctor and the nurse have a feeling that it's a girl! Brian and I both think it's a boy, but now we're not so sure! However, we will find out for sure, if the baby cooperates, on the 23rd of November!!! I really wanted to find out the sex before Black Friday so I could do some shopping and it worked out that we can! So in less than 3 weeks I will update you on what it is! Brian has the most difficult checkride of his training tomorrow so we're crossing our fingers all goes well! We will keep ya'll updated! :)

Halloween: Columbus-Style!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! We sure did here in Columbus, MS! We didn't have any trick-or-treaters this year at our apartment but no worries, the leftover candy will get eaten! Brian's roommate from the Academy, Spencer, was in route from Pensacola, FL to Enid, OK to continue his pilot training and spent Halloween night with us! It was great to see him. Spencer is from Wisconsin, so he's a huge Packers fan and I had a ton of fun decorating his room with Vikings decorations! GO VIKINGS!! Spencer did not have a costume since he was moving, so I gladly lent him the banana costume for the night! He made a great banana! :) Rascal did not want to re-live the whole pet parade incident, so he was a glow in the dark skeleton. I went for a pumpkin lady look. Most people had no idea what I was, so I just said I was going as a redhead or a pumpkin lady, either one! Brian wanted to be a local again this year, with a little different outfit. I was afraid when a real Mississippi local saw him that he was going to get beat up, but they didn't know what he was and that he was making fun of them! We went to a few parties our pilot training class was having and all in all it was a fun Halloween! Here are some pictures:

The Ross family has never looked better.

Brian and Spencer

Rascal and Brian just hangin out at the party
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