Monday, February 25, 2013

Layla 9 Months!

Only 10 days late but Miss Layla is 9 months old!  At her 9 month checkup she was 19 lbs, 1.5 oz (65%), 27.75 inches (55%) and her head was in the 86th percentile! Girl's got a big noggin!  Layla now has 3 teeth (working on her 4th, the second top one) and loves to let me know in the middle of the night that her mouth hurts.  The little bean has not been sleeping well. Ever since Christmas she's pretty much been sleeping horribly.  She got her first teeth, her first colds, went through a growth spurt, and all of it added together equals not too much sleep for mama.  I was in desperate mode today and bought an amber teething necklace.  Hoping that helps at least a little bit. She slept ok last night (only got up once at midnight) which is much better than the past couple nights (up 4+ times, sigh) so hoping better sleeping is just on the horizon! I miss my happy go lucky, good sleeping little gal!  Layla still isn't crawling but I'm quite ok with that.  She's super close and I think we're only weeks if not days away from pure craziness. She has found out that she can scoot on her booty and she enjoys that.  Layla eats like it's going out of style and has a new found appreciation for sippy cups.  She says mama, dada, and hi (pretty much the cutest little hi I've ever heard in my life).  She also loves screaming when she's happy, tired, upset, and eating. You can hear my children from a mile away! Here are some 9 month pictures of baby girl:
Uh I'm sorry, what am I supposed to be doing here?

Wear this headband? Ha, I think not.

She really thought I was going to wear that?! Hahaha!

Is this one better?

Mommy, mommy it's Brady's turn!
This is not fun

Oh wait, Daddy's going to take a picture? Should I turn like this?



Layla standing at the couch
Brady standing at the same couch just 2 years earlier

Brady and Layla at 9 months...yeah they don't really look alike at all to me!
Til next month! :)

Minnesota Trip

For President's Day Weekend we decided we would take a little weekend trip to Minnesota.  It was a last minute trip and it was, uh, interesting.  The day we left Layla had her 9 month well check and we discovered that she had an ear infection.  She was also getting her two top teeth in (I think you can see where this is going).  Brady is 2 and acted like it in superdrive pretty much the whole trip.  But we made it there in back in 1 piece! Here are some pictures from our trip:
Brady with his backpack on ready to go to Minnesota (his new favorite word)

Brady and Layla playing with Grandma

We went to Water Park of America (by the way don't bother going there on a holiday weekend at opening time, unless you want to wait 3 hours to get in).  Brady had fun taking us on slides.  It was Papa's turn here.

Layla didn't enjoy the water too much...or really the waterpark at all but at least she looked cute! Grandma had fun! ;)

Papa and Brady going down the slide

Wooow that was fun! Again?

We also went out for brunch with Nana and Papa at Girvan Grille

What are you eating Papa??

We also went to Choo Choo Bob's Train Store in St. Paul and Brady was in heaven....


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's a Brady kind of day

Hi there. Remember me, Brady? Yeah I'm back.  And I've survived another holiday without a love to call my own.  I really thought that at 2 and a half I'd be ready to settle down but the bachelor life it is for me.  Anywho the fans have been asking where I've been, why I don't blog more, etc. Here is why:

Still trying this potty thing out.  The ladies aren't real fond of poop in one's pants so I'm working on it.  

I've also been brushing up on some magic.  Trying to get my sister to go away.

Instead I turn her into this. I'm working on it.

My photography business is flourishing. Booking clients almost daily.

And then there's the whole celebrating Valentine's Day thing.  Layla and I were pretty much pros at it.

Mom insists on doing this whole "treasure hunt" thing every holiday. Rascal and I were so fast at it you could barely see us.

Not sure why she thinks this is fun?  Why not just give me my present rather than make me search all through the house for it?  Women. They never make sense.

Ehhh guys. I think this is where the next clue is but, uhhh, is this a good idea?

Oh cool. So our presents ended up where you wash our "dirty" off. Oh that's neat.

Not sure what daddy asked cupid for but it looks like apple juice, cranberry juice, and a puppy?

I told Layla we should try some of Daddy's juice and she thought that was a great idea.

And then she slept for 5 hours....guess she can't handle some juice!

Mommy and Daddy thought it would be oh so cute to have Layla and I take a bath together on Valentine's Day. Awwhh. Not.  I had other plans.  "Psst.... Layla.....I have an idea....but act natural. Let's poop in the tub and give it to Mommy and Daddy!"

She didn't get the whole act natural part.

Hi Mommy and Daddy! We love taking baths together! What a fine idea you both had!

Hold my hand Layla! Push it out, push it out!

Well we couldn't do it so I decided to blow bubbles instead.

"Uhhh Brady, I did it!"

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Valentine's Day!

I can't believe that another Valentine's Day has come and gone.  It really feels like February is just flying by.  I know that I'm probably weird but I just absolutely love holidays.  I love any reason to do something special for loved ones and Valentine's Day was no exception.  Here are some pictures from our Valentine's Day:
The night before (the 13th) Brian and I had a date night.  We celebrated being together for 12 years (a whole dozen, what??!) and went to a lovely restaurant in Omaha's Dundee neighborhood (Pitch Pizzeria). It was great having a night to ourselves while the kiddos had fun with Kaylee, our sitter.

A couple of days leading up to Valentine's Day I would write little love notes to my loves

And some days they had a little treat too

Everyday after Brian would get home Brady would be so excited because he "had mail!"

Brady got to have heart chocolate chip pancakes and strawberries

The morning of Valentine's Day Brady also had his parent's day out program. Here's all of his goodies from his little friends

My sweet little Valentine's

Pretty girl in her heart dress holding diaper rash cream.  (Whatever it takes to get a picture!) :)

Layla getting flowers from her daddy

This was our Valentine's layout.  It was almost like Christmas round 2!  There were goodies from family, neighbors, and friends.  We were spoiled! :)

And no Valentine's Day is complete without a treasure hunt! (I'm sure Brady will talk blog all about it)

Layla opening her card
She was pretty happy with her new remote

A big, big card from Rascal to Brady and Layla

And we completed our day with some chocolate cake!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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