Monday, March 19, 2012

Nana, Papa, and Uncle Danny Visit!

This past weekend we had a wonderful visit from Nana, Papa, Uncle Danny, and Mack. Uncle Danny plays baseball for North Dakota and they were playing Creighton this weekend so we all got to see him play and spend some time with him. Brady had such a blast. He loves spending time with his Nana, Papa, Uncle Danny, and Maaaacccckkk as he calls him. We missed Aunt Cat this weekend, one of these times everyone will have to visit! :) Here are some pictures from our past weekend:

Enjoying the beautiful weather we had the past weekend with dinner outside.
Brady loved playing baseball with Uncle Danny
And running the "bases"
Brian, Jim, and Danny celebrating St. Patricks day with some Irish car bombs
Papa and fishy faced Brady
Hmmm think they're related??
He loves his Nana and Papa!
Busy on their phones. I think he called Aunt Cat at this point and then hung up on her.
Awwhhh brotherly love! :)
Brady at his very first baseball game. UND vs Creighton
He wanted to go on the field sooo badly to play with his uncle!
In between walking the grass, giving out high fives to the crowd, and climbing stairs he would peek in on the game.
Brady and Danny
More baseball!
Brian and I
Just hanging out in the grass with Papa
The boys on St Patrick's Day in their green (Mack's collar is green so he counts too)

The Man You've All Been Waiting For.....

It's ME! Brady! Life has been pretty good, can't complain. Mom must be really hitting the cookies lately because man her belly has gotten huge! I thought I ate a lot of cookies, but I can't compete with that belly! Oh I know, I know, I'm the bad guy to comment on my mom's looks but even Rascal has asked me what's been going on. Whatever. Here's some pictures from the recent awesomeness that is Brady:

This is how a real man watches Calliou.

Ugh Mom can you not see that I'm busy here? Fixing my lawn mower while looking incredibly good takes my full concentration!

The craziest thing happened the other day....I stole a car and it happened to be the Wiggles car! Green Wiggle here I come?!

This whole "big brother" thing is going to be a piece of cake! Look at how well I take care of these two babes! Babysitting money here I come!

Just taking a quick sip of my tea.

Ugh these other kids know not sophistication.

Grandpa calls me special. I disagree.

He then told me to take a walk in my parent's shoes. I did and I have to admit, it wasn't easy.

Now I know why your feet stink so bad Dad! These are heavy!

I auditioned for Papillion Toilet Model 2012. This was my "Oh goodness it's a big one" face.
And this was my "I may be sitting on a toilet, but I can still look handsome" face. Pretty sure I got this one in the bag! No pun intended.

My parents FINALLY got me my own house!

And of course Dad and Bougie have to crash it. Umm no guys you can't sleep over, I have a date tonight! Sheesh!

Just a little recorder practice.

Ugh this girl will not leave me alone! Translation: Hello? Are you there? Ok, bye!

THE END......................................................

Brady Man

Other than the whole gestational diabetes thing and Brady getting his 2nd ear infection in under a month, life has been pretty normal around here. Brady LOVES being outside and playing with his car car as he calls it, going for walks, and talking as much as possible. The weather has been amazing lately and we have spent a majority of our time outside playing. Brian left today for a 2 week trip to Vegas for an exercise for work. We had his family here the past weekend, my mom comes Tuesday for 10 days, and I have a friend who used to live here coming to visit and come to my baby shower this weekend so busy, busy! Here are some recent pictures:
My Brady man is almost 2 years old! Yikes! He is growing up before our eyes and although not easy, it's been so much fun to watch him learn and grow every day. I started planning his 2nd birthday party this past weekend (Elmo themed, of course!) and it's really starting to hit me that his time as an only child is slowly coming to an end. I think that having a sibling will be good for him but I will miss that one on one time we have every day.

Brady with his Daddy, best buddies!

So another fun thing happened! Brady, Rascal, and Brian were playing ball and somehow Rascal cut his toenail really low, bled all over, and got to visit the ER vet one night! He got put under and had surgery on his foot and $400 later he was all good! I swear we are jinxed this year!

Mr. Brady Ross!

We got Brady's 3rd haircut the other week and brought him to the mall after. The ladies were drooling over him! Guess a nice haircut, a leather coat, and some smiles and hellos are all it takes! :)
Mmmm cookie!
Brady and Brian playing with his choo choo set. Not sure who had more fun playing Brady or Brian!
Brian and Brady singing the ABC's :)

Pregnancy Update!

I swear this year is flying by! I can't believe that it's been over a month since I've updated anything on this blog! :( Well I am 31 weeks pregnant today (holy moly!) and time continues to fly. We are getting so excited and anxious for the arrival of our little girl. We cleared the extra bedroom out this past weekend and set up the nursery. It's not completely decorated yet but I will put pictures up when it is! :)

So this pregnancy has been more difficult than the one with Brady and in the past weeks it only became more difficult. I went in for my normal 28 week doctor's appointment and everything looked good. At the end of my visit I had to take my 1 hour glucose test and it was not too much of an ordeal. When I was pregnant with Brady I almost fainted during the test but this time besides feeling nauseous from the sugary drink, it went well. The following day they called me and said that I had failed the test. What??! I was pretty devastated because that meant I had to take the 3 hour glucose test. This included fasting for 12 hours, going to the hospital to have my fasting blood sugar level taken, drinking twice the amount of the sugary glucola, and then having my blood drawn once every hour for the next 3 hours. A total of 4 blood draws. Basically torture for a pregnant lady. I did a TON of reading about gestational diabetes and saw that they had recently lowered the numbers and that quite a few women failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour test. So honestly, I wasn't too concerned. I'm young, have only gained 12 pounds so far, have no risk factors for diabetes, and didn't have any issues in my previous pregnancy. So when I got the call that I failed my 3 hour test and did indeed have gestational diabetes I was blown away and quite devastated. The next day I met with a diabetes nurse who taught me that this was not my fault, there's nothing that I did (it's the darn placenta's), how to prick my finger 4 times a day, how to manage it with diet and exercise, and that this will go away as soon as the baby and placenta are delivered.

So here we are almost two weeks later and things are going pretty well. I've gotten very used to checking my blood sugar 4 times a day (and my levels have been great so far, thank goodness!). The diet has been a good thing overall although I do miss sweets, but I feel a lot healthier and just a lot better in general. I meet with the high risk ob/gyn on Wednesday for an ultrasound to make sure all is going well with the baby. I just pray the rest of this pregancy goes well and am just trying to be as positive as possible! Here are some belly shots from the past couple of weeks:

Belly shots at 28 weeks
Big belly! Shot from this past weekend (31 weeks). Brady's face cracks me up!
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