Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Hello from the busy Ross household!! Time sure is flying, I cannot believe that Brady is almost a month old!! He is sure keeping us busy! He still eats a ton, and is awake more and more every day. I love it when his eyes are open and he's wide awake and happy! It's happening a lot more now so I take every advantage of that time! We still can't really tell who he looks like. We both see some characteristics of each other in him, but think he's very cute whoever he looks like! :) We've been taking him out more and more. He took a shopping trip to Target with me the other day and I think he likes Target just as much as I do! Well, he slept the whole time, but I'd like to think he'll go shopping with me in the future! We try to get out and go for walks whenever the weather is nice and he does so well in his stroller. We are so excited to go home to Minnesota next weekend for Memorial Day weekend. We're so thrilled that he's going to meet family and friends and spend some time with his grandparents too! Brian is being promoted to a 1st Lieutenant on the 28th so we are very excited about that too! We're having a big bbq to celebrate Brady and Brian's promotion and can't wait! We just hope that Brady does well on the car ride from Omaha to Minneapolis! Rascal is still a great big brother and always lets us know when Brady has a stinky dirty diaper. All in all, things are going well! We could use some more sleep, and are looking forward to the days when Brady can go longer than 3-4 hours between feedings. Here are some recent pictures of Brady at 3.5 weeks:
Snuggling with daddy watching the Twins

Playing on the floor with Mom!

His milia is going away, but now he's getting baby acne!

The ceiling is so interesting!

Such a big boy!
Mom, please play ball with me!

My favorite! :)

Yay Dad's home!!!!

My chubby man

I love his little rolls! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Pictures of Brady

Just a quick little update while he's sleeping! Brady is keeping Brian and I plenty busy. He is quite the eater and the sleeper and in between those he is quite the crier! He is spending more and more time awake and I love seeing his little eyes. Brian and I have established a pretty good schedule with Brady and we are both able to get some sleep. We are blessed! Here are some recent pictures:

Come on Brady, let's go to Walmart! haha, kidding! (He's going to kill me for putting this up!)

Staring at my little man

My first bath in my tub! My cord finally fell off!

All nice and warm in my towel

Brian thought he looked like the Pope

This is what I like, sleeping Brady! :)

Look, I'm awake and happy!

Playing on my new play mat


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Life With Our Little Man

Brady is officially a week old now!! Grandma Hiscock left yesterday so Brian and I had our first night alone with him. He did great! We have established a good routine now so we both were able to get some sleep. The problem we were having with Brady earlier was that he is quite a eater and wasn't getting enough to eat thus making him fussy. We fixed that by buying a pump so now he's getting plenty of food and he's a much happier baby when he's full! His little belly is starting to get chubby and I think he's going to gain weight quickly because he eats so much! Life is good here! Rascal is such a good big brother, I am so proud of him. He likes to lay by Brady when he's eating and lets us know when he has a dirty diaper by sniffing him like crazy! Here are just a few more recent pictures of our little guy:
Our little gangster in his sweatpants!

Walking with Grandma leaving the state for the first time!

Look Mom, I'm in a different state than you!

He loves his carseat and car rides!

Taking naps with dad. :)

Also, several people have asked so here is our new address:

401 Charleston Dr.
Papillion, NE 68133
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