Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap: TRAINS!

This weekend in Omaha and Council Bluffs it was Railroad Days which pays tribute to the importance the railroad had in developing this area.  In other words it was Brady's dream weekend! If you don't remember how much he loves train read here all about his 3rd bday party and that time  we went to a train show. I took so many dang pictures this weekend so even though there are a ton I didn't post even half of them! WARNING: picture heavy post! :)  Here are some pictures from Railroad Days:
After t-ball on Saturday morning our first stop was Lauritzen Gardens.

This train ride was the first thing we saw and we HAD to ride it according to Brady

The line was super long and we killed some time by taking pictures..

And stuffing their faces

Finally it was our turn!

He's so excited he can't even open his eyes

He was terrified the train was going to run him over so it was a very intense cheese!

Inside there were more trains 

And outside a train ride

which he had to do of course

This place is a botanical garden and they even have a train garden.

Peanut butter sandwich in hand and in complete awe

We came home, took naps, and did some slip and slide action

and some dancing of course too!

The next morning Layla decided she needed to put some makeup on.  (She thinks train boys are hot).

We pulled up to our next stop the RailsWest Railroad Museum.  We pulled up and it was not what we were expecting whatsoever but it was neat!

We got to go inside lots of different trains (in single file of course)

Even Layla thought it was pretty cool!

Rather than write a million captions here are some more pictures touring the different train cars:

She had fun until she got called a boy a couple of times...I should know better than to dress her in any blue.

Brady even got to do a train simulator


Potty break in the back of the car with some privacy thanks to Daddy and the Vikings blanket!

We went to 3 different places on Sunday and the best part of that: the trolley!

The boys enjoying the open air trolley ride

Then we went to General Dodge's house. 

He had a lot to do with setting up the Union Pacific in these parts. We just told Brady that he's like Sir Topham hat and he was just like "Oh ok, I get it. This house is cool."

Sir Topham hat had a horse and buggy?

Last stop was the Union Pacific Railroad Museum

Wearing a cool hat and fan

I got to be cool too

This museum was a little too history-like for our kids but it was interesting!

So there we have it, a train filled weekend!  Best part of the weekend was that Brady stayed dry both days even when we were out and about a ton!!  


Janelle Vannice said...

This looks like it was an awesome weekend! :) I am (slightly) obsessed with trains myself, so I can identify with little Brady's excitement! :)


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