Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Recap

Is it really July today?  Seriously?! We had a really fun weekend but let me take you back to the beginning first.  Last week was another not fun week in the Ross house.  The kids decided it was time to have yet another sickness, this round was colds.  I wiped noses about a bajillion times, suffered from  lack of naps from both children, dealt with more crankiness and attitude than anyone should have to deal with, and we spent yet another week of summer at home trying not to kill each other.  It's literally been 4 weeks straight of sickness. I. Am. Over. It.  I brought Layla to the doctor on Friday and she had an ear infection (oh joy, more pink goop!) and we discovered whilst she was screaming that she's getting her molars (wonderful!).   When Daddy got home Friday night from work I took an hour for myself to just be in public to just be.  No screaming, no snot, no whining around me.  Just me and freedom to do whatever! After some time for myself I felt refreshed and decided since it was a beautiful night we needed to get out. We went to the Dundee area of Omaha and tried a new ice cream place called eCreamery.

The lady mullet was in full action

Yummm ice cream!

"Hey Dad...uhhh..that ice cream looks really good."

She may have snuck in a bite or two.  I think Brian must have thought I got him snot flavored ice cream after little Miss L got into it. Brady looked on disapprovingly. Apparently 3 is the age when you start embarrassing your children in public. 

We saw droves of people walking down the street and we heard music and realized that Pat Benatar was having a free (and highly attended!) concert at Memorial Park.  We decided to go check it out. See that tiny thing in the center of the picture? Yeah that was the stage.

Layla at her first concert!  Doesn't matter that we were only there about 5 minutes due to whining and crying but hey, we were there, right?

The next morning we did some T-balling

I had a glorious couple of hours to run errands. Mainly go grocery shopping but it was glorious indeed.  After naptime we ate dinner and went for a bike ride.  I haven't been on a bike since before I got pregnant with Layla so it was interesting and my butt is still sore but the kids had fun and that's what's important, right?

Eating some snow cones on our bike ride pit stop

Walking at the park on yet another bike ride pit stop

That night Brian and Brady decided it was going to be camp out in the backyard night.  I thought Brian was crazy.  Brady was pumped.


Brady and I by the fire

Then I locked them in the tent and told them to have fun and I'd see them in the morning.  

Ok I didn't really lock them in but I might as well have. They had a dvd player in there so they would have been fine!

Amazingly, they slept there the whole night. Although Brian said he fell asleep before Brady and "dreamt" that Brady was standing over him multiple times during the night. I think that may have been reality but they actually stayed in the tent the whole night which surprised me!

Sunday morning Brian and Brady went to church while Layla napped and I cleaned the house.

After lunch we went for a hike at Fontenelle Forest

Brady was ready to hike up and down all of the 'bumpies'

Layla was bored and tried to think of as many things as she could need.  "Hmm should I poop my pants now or just ask them for money?"

She decided on a cool beverage instead.  I heard her yell, "Mom, milk!" So it begins.

                     This kid talks nonstop like this when we hike and pretty much all day everyday.

"Hey mom, banana!" She did the least amount of work and ate and drank the most out of all of us. And we ate lunch seriously 30 minutes before we got here.

Such a little stinker!

Brady crashed when we got home but Layla insisted that hiking a couple of miles wasn't enough for her, that napping in her crib just wasn't going to happen. So Daddy took her on a walk and 1 minute into it she crashed. 

And napped for a good hour like this. And woke up with a huge indent in her forehead.

For dinner we had chicken pot pie cupcakes. The whole 'cupcakes for dinner' thing worked for about 1 minute until Brady took a bite and realized it was not indeed a "white cupcake" like he was expecting

Then we went to Target and I realized that apparently I named my children after Teen Beach Movie characters.  

And we took the wagon for a walk since how silly would that be to actually ride in it?

The kiddos are *crossing my fingers, knocking on wood* seemingly somewhat healthy this morning.  I am praying we stay sickness free this week so we can enjoy the 4th with friends!  Off to the park to play for a playdate in this glorious weather! :)


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