Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Truthful Tuesday

I realize that I blog a lot about what's going on in the day to day so I decided to try a new little thing and I'm calling it Truthful Tuesday. It's going to be the day I try to do some more insightful posts. Sometimes it'll just be one topic and other times it'll be bullets that are little truths about me.  Here goes nothing!

  • I actually love staying at home with my kiddos. It's difficult and some days I wish I were anywhere but here but I know that staying home with them is where I'm meant to be. And I'm super thankful (thanks, honey!) that we're able to make that work. That being said, I would kind of love to stay at home forever and my dream is to find a job that I can do from home (and making bucketloads of money wouldn't be too bad either!).  I want to be able to volunteer at their schools, be at all of their sports, and just be as involved as possible.
  • My biggest pet peeve right now is flakiness. I understand that things come up when you have kids, but  canceling minutes in advance just kind of boils my blood right now.
  • I really don't mind cooking and sometimes I really like it. I just absolutely hate doing dishes. Especially cleaning big pots and pans and dishes. Maybe that should be the first chores the kids have to do?
  • I suck at goodbyes.  Especially with Brian. That's the worst part of the deployment for me...the days leading up to the goodbye. Once he's gone it still isn't fun but that goodbye is the most dreaded thing.  
  • Some days it's hard to find the joy in parenting and then other days my heart swells so much with love and desire to pause the time and make it last forever.  Parenting is sure a rollercoaster of emotions!
  • I am starting to love running (who am I?!) and am loving what it's doing for me!
  • I hate winter.  I spent 22 years in Minnesota and now 3.5 years in Nebraska and I'm just kind of over the whole "snow and cold" thing. I used to walk miles in snow (yes uphill and downhill) in college to get to my classes and it didn't really phase me all that much but now the snow and cold just irk me! That 1.5 years in Mississippi kind of ruined me in that aspect.
  • I love to be on the go and go super stir crazy if I stay at home too long.  It's only been amplified since having children. Perhaps that's part of the reason I hate winter now??? 
  • The morning of potty training day #4 was horrid but after some tears (some from Brady and some from Mommy) things kind of clicked. He started telling me when he had to go potty and just started doing it all by himself. He was dry from 12:00 on yesterday and so far today so good.  We'll see though, I have a feeling this may be another little rollercoaster.
And now to close out this first Truthful Tuesday I present you some gems from my phone. Because you're never too young to start taking selfies.



Jenn said...

I used to look forward to winter. That was pre-kids and one-kid Jenn. Now that I have to bundle people up and put on shoes (I loathe toddler footwear...) and once everyone is ready, someone inevitably craps up their back, and I'm all, HOW MUCH LONGER TIL WE CAN WALK OUTSIDE WEARING NO CLOTHES?! Naturally, now that it's summer, I'm btching and moaning about how hot it is, and wouldn't it be nice if it cooled off? haaaaaa......

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