Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Greetings from the Ross household!! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but not a whole lot has been happening here in Columbus. We are happy to report that today was the first day in about 3 weeks that we have not had any rain! Rascal was very happy to be able to go potty outside today without getting soaked! However, since it has been raining constantly, our grass hasn't been cut in about 3 weeks, so it's hard to see Rascal when he's out there! Now that the rain is gone, we are patiently awaiting cooler weather. Today was about 85, but hopefully cooler days are just around the corner. I have been feeling not so great in the last few weeks. I have been having constant nausea and have no energy to do anything. I know that better days are just down the road, but I've had a few days where I don't know how much more I can take! It feels like I am having every symptom in the book besides vomiting, which I am very thankful I don't have! I keep telling myself it could be so much worse, but every now and then I whine to Brian. Brian's really been a trooper through these first few months and we are both very anxious for the 2nd trimester to start and for me to get back to myself! Brian's training is going really well. He had his cross country last week, but due to bad weather was only able to fly to Oklahoma City. He's been getting a lot of flying in, and is scheduled to fly the next couple days. He's planning on flying to Savannah, GA for lunch tomorrow. Rough life! :) Other than that, I've just been working and Brian's been flying! My next doctor's appointment is on the 5th and we get to have another ultrasound! We are very excited to see how much the baby has grown! I am starting to be able to feel a belly coming in in my lower abdomen. Hopefully next blog I will have more to share! Oh and how about them Vikes?!

The belly shot at about 9 weeks. No real belly yet, just bloating! :)
Our flooded parking lot due to the mass amounts of rain we received!

Rascal all bundled up to go out for the day-the only way to keep him from getting soaked!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Little Baby!

We had our first doctor's visit today. The technician said that everything looked really good! We got to hear the heartbeat(162 beats per minute!)and see the little thing movin around! It was surreal! The technician also said that I'm measuring at about 7 weeks and 1 day, which was a shock since I thought I was almost 9 weeks along. She said either the baby could be small, or I could have ovulated late, thus why it's only measuring at 7 weeks. So we will see! They changed my due date to May 2. I have my next appointment on October 5th and I get another ultrasound! I'm lucky because my doctor is the only one in that practice that has 2 ultrasounds in the first trimester. So I am excited to see how much it's grown since then! We never actually got to see my doctor today because he had to go do an emergency C-section while we were waiting, but they said that everything is right on track and looks good!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rascal's Vacation

Well we had another successful vacation with Mr. Rascal! Atlanta was a blast even though I got a cold and had some nausea, but that wasn't going to stop me! We spent all day Saturday at Stone Mountain in Atlanta. We spent most of the day hiking the different trails that dogs were allowed on. It was a lot of fun, especially since Rascal is such a good hiker. He may be little but that boy can jump and loves to climb on rocks with his dad! :) Saturday night we got to do some shopping. I got my Target fix and Rascal got to go to Petsmart and pick out a new ball. On Sunday we went to the Braves game. When we were first walking we didn't see any other dogs, so we were a little worried we had the wrong date, but then we saw a bunch of dogs! There were small dogs, big dogs, ugly dogs, everything! It was a pretty hot 95 sunny day, but we found the shade and Rascal loved it! I don't think he had a clue what we were doing, but he still had a good time! Here are some pictures from our trip:

Our first hike of the day!

Brian and Rascal hiking

Brian and Rascal near the carving on Stone Mtn

Don't bug me mom I'm watching baseball!

Some dogs playing in the pools at the game

They had the whole upper deck saved for dogs and their families! So weird to see dogs at a baseball game!

My first baseball game!

The three of us! :)

Rascal climbing on a giant baseball

Rachel and Rascal pooped out from a fun trip!

A video of the Braves fans doing the Tomahawk Chop. To Brian's horror, Rascal was joining in.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Atlanta, Here we Come!

So since this weekend is a three day weekend, thanks to Labor Day, we are going to take a little road trip to get away! Pilot training doesn't allow us much time to spend as a family, so we really cherish these long weekends. We were contemplating going to the Gulf Shores and spending some time on the ocean, but I found out that the Atlanta Braves is having a Bark in the Park night on Sunday! We have been to Atlanta before for a three day weekend, but didn't get to see as much of the city as we would have liked and Brian loves baseball so this sounded like a perfect trip for us! We love to be able to take Rascal with us, rather than boarding him and he is a really good traveler. Now as many of you may know, Rascal is quite the traveler. Since we have moved to Mississippi, he has been to Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Tennesee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina. Now I would say that's a pretty well traveled dog! I researched Atlanta and found out just how dog friendly it is! There are tons of dog parks, dogs are welcome at many outdoor restaurants, there are a lot of dog boutiques, and they even have a whole night dedicated to dogs at Braves Stadium! So needless to say this will be a fun weekend for all involved! :) I am also happy to report that Brian passed his checkride on Tuesday which we were thrilled about! I am now experiencing morning sickness which has been a joy. Not!!! I'm a little surprised that it started at 7 weeks, but oh well I consider myself lucky for having the first 7 weeks pretty much symptom free! I have been drinking ginger ale like there's no tomorrow and it's helped. I just hope I feel ok this weekend while we are traveling! I will put up pictures and post how our trip was when we get back! Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend everyone!
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