Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Second Worst Holiday Ever (Thanksgiving)

Wow where do I even begin? First of all, thank you all for your nice comments about my writing. I am probably the best 7 month old blogger there is. And yes I am 7 months old now. Thank you for the lack of cards, well wishes, toys, etc. You all are amazing. Sheesh!

Well anyways, I got to celebrate yet another holiday this past weekend. Thanksgiving. Lucky me. I even got to wear a shirt that said Baby's First Thanksgiving. Thanks a lot Preston (my best friend and neighbor, 2 months old, got me the shirt). So one night my parents put me in the car and I wake up in this freezing place they call Grandma and Grandma's house in Minnesota. Well I got to hang out with them (they worked me to the bone) and then the next day we went to Thanksgiving at my Great Aunt Ann and Great Uncle Mike's house. I was overwhelmed. SO many people wanted a piece of the Brady man. I was like give me a second to absorb this people, I just discovered my ears the other day, how do you expect me to remember who you are? Anyways here are some pictures from my trip to Minnesota and my first Thanksgiving. Brace yourselves people, my mom took 160 pictures. Lucky for you I did not put them all up, just the ones that I look the best in. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, I have a cold and my teeth are trying to come through. Sue me.

This is my godmother Laura. She had a birthday party and didn't invite me. Hope your wish doesn't come true. I wish I felt sorry that I said that, but I don't.

Uncle Danny teaching me how to do Sudoku. Basically rocked the whole book. Baby genius.

So I got to meet my great grandparents for the first time this weekend. My great grandpa really wanted to hang out with me. Stay tuned to see how that went.

Yeah so here's this nice spread of food and they put Brady in the corner. Nice people!

But I knew that if I cried enough, mom would give in and let me try some of her food. Sure I got to try turkey, stuffing, green beans, no big deal really. Thanksgiving is actually ok.

And that's when things started to go south. Uncle Danny if you don't stop taking pictures of me eating I'm going to eat peas and throw them up in your hair. Seriously how annoying can one person get?

Yeah and that's when they broke out the wine. They were like Brady, you just need to chill out. That's my great grandma in the background. Not thrilled that I'm having wine, but whatever I've been to a brewery before. Oh yeah, that's my Papa trying to get me drunk. I guess bad parenting is heriditary.

Then my great grandpa got ahold of me. He was a nice guy and all but he really had a pinching problem.

Seriously, who does this guy think he is?

Wait a minute, you like sweet potatoes? I like sweet potatoes too! I like you great grandma, I like you a lot!

Now my great aunt Ann got ahold of me. Seriously, I should be charging for people to hold me. Has no one seen a baby before? I would make a squeal and everyone in the room would go crazy. People if you are amazed by that, you should see me get a girls number while eating a bottle and pooping in my pants. That's talent.

4 Generation picture. Everyone was making such a big deal out of this. So what, 4 handsome men that happen to have the same last name do exist. Luckily the baby pincher has his hands behind his back in this picture.

That guy just kept pinching me and wouldn't stop! Can't you tell that I'm not thrilled with you doing that? Do I have to spit up on you for you to understand this?

Oh good, now he's holding me. In this picture I'm telling great grandma how bad my great grandpa smells....she understands.

He pinched me again and told me I was fat! At this point I had had enough of Thanksgiving and was about to demand to be taken home. Look at how guilty his face is!

And everyone said no, no, no we need a good picture of you with your great grandparents. This is the best I could give them under the circumstances.

Aunt Cat let me pull her hair and that made me feel a little better.

Look I drool just as much as my Uncle Mike!

Next time I'm bringing my bodyguard. A baby can only take so much poking and pinching in one day.

Just watching the Simpsons movie with the fam. This shows how intelligent they all are.

First of all, no people, that is not my "special boy" helmet, it is a fine hat that happens to come from the fine boutique Target. Second of all, those are my great uncle Mike's magic crystals. I know, I don't get it either. Don't get why my mom took this picture. Maybe she's been smoking some magic crystals.

She's cool. She feeds me. She gets me.

Mom, can we go home please? I have a date with my Nana and Papa tomorrow and would really appreciate if we could go home so I could eat a bunch of food and work on a lot of poopy for them.

However, when I got home my grandpa made me do 25 pushups.

Sir, have I done enough? I have busted open my sleeper, I would just like to be left alone, it's been a hard day.

At Nana and Papa's house for a sleepover!

Yeah we made some more beer and then we danced and sang. I kept them up all night. Uncle Danny and I partied hard and I slept in his room. He didn't bring any ladies home for us though, maybe Christmas time Uncle Danny?

I guess we're going to go see a man named Santa. They stuffed me full of peas. Hmm how convenient.

They said I just had to sit in his lap, smile pretty, and then I could ask him for whatever I wanted. Man, I look good!

And that's all that I want, but umm get some nice stuff for my girlfriends and I could maybe use a plane so I could go see all of them. Do you see my weekend getting better at all? How much money do you see me making this year? Oh wait, not the right person?

And then things started to get creepy. He had Crocs on and I just couldn't trust him anymore. Mom, get me the hell out of here! This guy just asked what size diapers I wear!

Papa, you have 5 seconds to get Big Bird out of my face! 5......4.......

Dance ugly people, dance!!

I think we've spent enough time at the mall. Papa has lost his eyesight and my fist is stuck in my mouth.

Hanging out with grandma and this ugly dog thinks she looks better than me. Hey little doggy get out of my shot or I'll pull your hair again and show you who the real boss is.

Time to go hang out with the girlfriends!

This is one of my girlfriends and her name is Sharday. You may remember her from earlier posts. Yeah she wants me.

This is my other girlfriend Alex. Excuse me sticking out my tongue. This jerk kept staring at us. What guy, yeah I know I have 3 ladies and all you have is an ugly scarf and no personality! Sheesh!

Singing to Laura. I hope you had a horrible birthday with horrible cake with horrible friends. It had a good ring to it.

Yo girl, can you put a few of your friends digits in my cell phone here?

Hanging out watching the Vikings game. Papa's into the cheerleaders on the tv, I'm into looking good for the camera. Hmm Papa, what are you staring at?

My brother tells the funniest jokes. Brothers. He gets me.

Yeah that's my Nana and Papa and me. I pooped on her leg. And she liked it.

Spending some alone time by the fire.

Here are some videos for your enjoyment:

My first perfomance of my song I have titled Thriller. Oh wait, that's already been used? Crap!

Monday, November 22, 2010

My first brewery tour

Yeah I bet when you read the title of this blog, you were like oh ok so Rachel went to a brewery for the first time, but ha no this is Brady. I know, 6 months old people!! Yeah the good 'ol parents took me out on a Thursday night to go see a brewery/distillery in the next city over, La Vista. And yes, it was after 5. So how cool did I feel rolling into a brewery? Yeah not cool at all. I rolled my stroller in there and all conversations stopped. Yep, I was that kid at the brewery. If I could talk I woulda said "Hey yeah guys I'm a baby in a alcohol factory, not like I could tell my parents to leave me at home." Sheesh! Well here are some pictures from my first time at a brewery:

Lucky Bucket brewery. That guy was the owner. What a jerk. Hello little baby, is this your first time at a brewery? No buddy, I do this every day. Ugh! Seriously?

Yep, that's me with the brewery in my background. I'm white as a ghost and shocked as hell to be here. Yeah sure dad, use my stroller as a cup holder.

Looking around for help. Doesn't anyone else see something wrong with this picture? Um yeah, you really need to get a new bouncer Lucky Bucket. They obviously have no idea when an id is a fake!

Some beer stuff I'm sure my Papa would appreciate.

This should be the picture on your parent of the year award mom. Umm not!!

This is where they make the vodka. I think it's so inappropriate that I know this.

The only good thing about this tour was the ladies in our group. Man did they want me! The guy would be talking about beer and the 3 ladies would be like ohhh look he smiled, he's so cute(me, not the beer guy)!!! I was like check me out ladies, I can take you to a bar in 20.5 years!!

Yeah cool mom, take my picture by a bunch of barrels of aged whiskey. Yeah, cool.

Yep, I made sure I got my own sample. It was formula and everyone was very jealous.

Ok now time for some great pictures of me. Don't be afraid when I melt your hearts ladies.

My dad did my hair and I think it looks great.

Spiky, but subtle.

Innocent boy playing with train.

Hey mommy, whatchu lookin at?

Sometimes I like to eat naked, so sue me!

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