Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Well, we have done it.  Layla is now officially weaned and it kind of happened by accident.  When I had her I was bound and determined to get this breastfeeding thing right this time around. It took some time and effort but she got it, did it so well, and it became an easy and wonderful experience.  My goal was to make it 3 months..that turned into 6 months...which then turned into 9 months... and then a year.  At a year I wanted to be done with it.  A year was plenty in my eyes and I was eager to get some much needed time away.  At a year she was still nursing once a night, some times more (ridiculous, I know) so a few days after her first birthday we let her cry it out (my last ditch effort) in the middle of the night. It took 3 nights but after that no more mid-night feedings! Wahoo!! She wasn't thrilled when I started dropping her feedings from 4 to 3.  I had so many mixed emotions.  I was ready (I thought) but she clearly wasn't.  I decided to take the weaning process very slowly and kind of let her self wean.  Which brought us to a couple of days ago.  I had her down to just nursing once in the morning and on the morning she turned 14 months she just kind of forgot about it. I was busy getting things ready for the day and she was so distracted by Thomas on the tv, eating her waffle, and watching her brother that I realized mid day she never nursed.  And never made a fuss about it either!  Same thing the next day and the same thing today.  We never really had that emotional "this is the last" nursing session so I don't really know how to feel about it.  I'm so glad to be done and have my body back to myself but I'm kind of sad that I'll never do it again.  Just further proof that my baby girl is growing up!  Now I forsee a weekend away in the future....!

So big now she drinks iced lattes


Jenn said...

Who wants boob juice when you can have an iced latte, amiright? Congrats!!! A big, happy milestone!

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