Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap: Happy Birthday Gramma!

We had a wonderful weekend!  Gramma and Grampa visited and it happened to be Gramma's birthday too so we of course had to celebrate! Here are some pictures from our weekend:
The fancy, fancy sign Brady and I made for Gramma.  We will be taking orders if anyone is interested.

Our morning started bright and early with Brady's t-ball game.  Layla thought Grampa's hat was pretty neat

Brady taking a snack break after his game which is probably 90% of the kids favorite part of t-ball. Only 1 game left (YAY!)!

After the game we hung around the house for a little bit and then Brian and I went on a date (thanks Mom and Dad!) and had some much needed time out!

We went to HuHot Mongolian Grill in Omaha. I'd heard so much about it but had never been so Brian convinced me to try it and it didn't disappoint! 

Trying to get him to take a nice picture is like trying to get Brady to poop on the potty...messy and exhausting.

Great iphone quality pictures but the food was delish!

We came home expecting some chaos but of course both kids napped nicely..and snuggled which she never does

And they were playing nicely too...of course they were.  Yeah save up all of your good behavior for the grandparents!

Also this weekend Layla got to try her first lemon...

not too sure!

We also got a yummy cake from the the Omaha Cake Gallery

Happy Birthday Gramma! Not a day past 29!

I didn't know they were both dragons but apparently..

Gramma with her favorites...

Who snuck some frosting too

Grampa and Brady watching Cars together

We also finally put Brady's big boy bed together and he LOVED it! It's pretty comfy, I don't blame him!
The birthday girl!

Gramma and Grampa with their babies. 

The next morning we went to a place called River City Star which has public river cruises. I had bought a Groupon a couple of months ago for a sightseeing cruise and thought this weekend would be a perfect time to use it!

We barely made it on time but we did!

Here's the boat

Just crusing on the river. And yes Grampa has a Vikings Hawaiian shirt..perfect for cruising!

It was really warm so we would go below deck to cool off

Birthday lady with her mimosa

Brady and I on the boat...he wasn't too sure

View of downtown Omaha from the river

Layla thought it was pretty neat

It was their first time on a boat and they both had fun but about 10 minutes into our hour tour Brady said, "Ok! Time to go home now!"  Yeahh bud that's not how it works.

Supermodel Layla with her hair blowing in the wind.

Group shot!

We had some people take our picture when Brady started screaming. I know that scream and I know that scream means vomit.  He had some orange juice on the boat and for some reason he struggles with citrus if he has too much and yep about 1 minute after this picture he "spit all over the grass" as he calls it.  Oh well it was fun otherwise! Thanks for coming to visit! :)


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