Thursday, October 6, 2011

Livin the Dream

Hey it's Brady again! I know that's a relief since Mom's last blog stunk!! I've been living the dream here in Nebraska. Let me share with a few photos:

Dad has taught me and Rascal how to drive. I'm really good. Only hit our other car twice.

I've also been sharing lawn duties with Dad. Thank goodness he's home!

I went to the apple orchard and picked my very first apple. You can call Child Protective Services about my lack of shoes.

Pretty dang proud of my apple.

Stud man in a field of apples

The orchard even asked me to be the new "apple boy" spokesman.

One of the other kids got jealous and beat me up. (Mom note: he did not get beat up, he was bit by 2 mosquitos and swelled up a bit. He's a sensitive boy.)

Naps with my best friend are the best.

Then one day my dad cut my hair! It was so jagged and uneven, just like I wanted it!

Thanks Dad, I love it!

Dad and I strolling the AppleJack Festival for the ladies.

This band was AWESOME! Check out my videos below

Then we went to the petting zoo. These sheep were lame.

They think they're soo cool but they're sooo lame!

My call sign is Lieutenant Rad. But you can call me Brady.

I can slide all by myself now, no big deal

Sometimes Luke and I go to the park together.

And sometimes we throw sand at each and fight

The End.

Oh wait, wait, wait. My videos!

This band should be on MTV. Seriously.

Who does this jerk think he is? This is MY band!

Spike and Lauren's Wedding

So sorry for the lack of updates lately! Brady and I took a little blogging hiatus but we are back!! We went to Minnesota for Labor Day weekend because Brian was in his good friend Spike's wedding. We had a great time celebrating their marriage, went to the state fair, and spent time with friends and family. Here are some more pictures from our trip:

Brian and I before the wedding rehearsal.

Spike and his groomsmen at the rehearsal

Lauren and Spike are married!

Brian and I with our friends at the wedding

Brian and I

Brian and I with his parents

Brian and I with my parents

Laura and I at the wedding

Brian and I with the happy couple!

Laura and I being silly!

Brian and I with our mamas.

Brian with some high school buddies.

Park Center grads

The first dance

Everyone breaking it down on the dance floor

Overall it was a wonderful weekend!! More posts to come! :)

I'm BAACCCKKK....My Minnesota Trip

I know, I know, it's been forever. No excuse, I know. What have I been doing you ask?

I really thought it was about time that I took a look deep inside my 17 month self. Deep reflection, deep meditation.......

Take some time by the pool.....

And I'm back. Here are some pictures from my trip to Minnesota.......

I started off the trip as a beaver

It was pretty neat, met a lot of ladies that way

I was very convincing.

Then we celebrated Uncle Danny's birthday!

The best part of birthdays........

CAKE!!!! Num, num, num, num, num!!

And opening presents. Rascal and I chose to take our shirts off, Uncle Danny did not.

In all of the birthday excitement I somehow lost my pants. It's ok, it happens.

Then my parents and Nana and Papa brought me to a little thing called the "Minnesota State Fair." It was interesting....

Dad and I cruising for chicks. Typical.

Papa said, "Brady, if you look through this wall and smile I will buy you something really nice." So duh, of course I did it.

There's a rule that if your a Ross and suffer from the Ross curse (complete irresistability to women) , you must wear a blue shirt to the state fair. That way you can spot each other in a crowd.

Then Dad brought me on a giant slide. Yep that's me on the left. I hated every single moment of it.

Cool Mom, you have ears. When do I get my gift?

Papa told me to come with him. I thought, this is it! He's going to buy me a car! Or a tractor or a lawn mower, this is awesome!!

Then he told me it was a lie just to get me to smile. Papa, you are a cruel, cruel man.

So I rebelled and got a tatoo.

Then everyone had the genius idea to take me to a little farm.

And once again, we did this for Dad.

I tried to play along but this was just about the lamest thing I'd ever seen.

I couldn't help it alright, a man sometimes needs a little siesta.

Everyone took this time to try some delicious food. Thanks guys, thanks. I believe this one was bacon on a stick.

Mom eating a pronto pup. Oh no, that's ok guys I wouldn't want to try that. OH no, no.

Yeah just stuff your faces. Jerks.

And then I woke up in a sheep pen.

I've really had enough of this state fair thing.

No, seriously, can we go home now?

Conclusion: the state fair is nuts.


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