Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Very Brady Christmas

Thank you for your sweet comments on my music video. I worked really hard on that and I think it turned out pretty great. Just hope Soulja Boy doesn't see it, get jealous, and sue the crap out of me for having a better music video than him. Whatever. Well yeah so Christmas is pretty sweet. I got to celebrate it like 4 times. I have to say that it's a pretty great holiday. I mean, what other holiday do you just get handed an all you can eat wrapping and tissue paper buffet? I got some pretty great things, so thank you to those who thought of me. See? I can be a nice boy! Here are some pictures from Minnesota and Christmas as I saw it:

This girl Casey, is crazy. She wears pretty ugly sweaters but she gets how to nap. My dad said, lets all wear crazy sweaters tomorrow, drink hot cocoa, and snuggle. This was our reaction.
Crazy smile time! Yeah I got to hang out with the big boys one afternoon. Jake gave me some tips about how to get ladies, and I gave him some tips too. He's going to try the Santa outfit idea soon.

So my dad built this cool fort area for the doggies to go outside and go potty in. Rascal had to go make sure Casey wiped good...that's my kind of guy.

Yep, the fort works.

So, Minnesota got all this snow and my parents were like lets dress you up in this ugly snow suit thingy and take you out in the snow. I was like ok, this is alright, I can make this outfit work...

And then it was horrible...Umm people did you know that snow is cold?????! It was ridiculous! I thought it was the most horrible thing in the world. Sheesh you crazy Minnesotans.

Yeah Dad, let's take the baby that hates the snow on a sled. Cuz that sounds like a good idea! How old are you anyways Dad?

And then they let me fall asleep near the fire. Really responsible. I almost ended up as dinner: roasted hot boy!

Sitting at Christmas Eve dinner discussing and contemplating which really is better: green beans or peas. It's a deep convo, you all should really try it. Later Rascal, Casey, and I discussed which is better: pooping in a diaper, or pooping outside in a fort.

It was Rascal that farted, I swear!!

I want whatever they're having!!!

So, I got this cool box for Christmas and Dad got a jack for Christmas. Naturally, we brought our presents together for the coolest present ever......

The jack-a-baby toy. It only works if you're wearing a bow though.

Ok, tell me again how you grow hair on your face?

Nope, Nana I got it, I remember this whole "stocking" thing. Weirdos.

Nana, move over HERE for the picture!

Soo many presents...and so little practice using my thumbs...crap!

Yeah, this was the best picture we could get of our family. Norman Rockwell painting.


Ummm seriously, I have been playing with this toy for a good 3 minutes now, where is my next toy to open? Sheesh, move it along people!

Yeah that's right! ;)

Yeah Mom let's act surprised for the 300th time that I know how to unwrap a present. And let's be surprised for the 400th time that it's another book.

OK, this party's getting kind of lame where are those 9 dancing ladies that we sang about earlier?

Hi. Umm. It's nice to meet you. I'm your second cousin, Brady. Claire, right? Would you mind if I put my arm on yours? I know I'm not wearing any pants right now, does that offend you?

Alright it's party time!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Cat settled me down. I got a little wild, I admit. It's Christmas though!

And.....I'm out

So my girlfriend Sharday got me some bath toys. I get it Sharday, I get it. Bath time is usually around 7:00 every other day. Anytime you want to scrub a dub dub in the tub you call me.

My other girlfriend Alex got me a helicopter and some keys. I get it Alex, I get it. I will take you around the world in my helicopter girl.

Then we went to 50's Grill and both Dad and I pooped our pants.

And then both Mike and Rascal wanted to eat me.

OH wait, one more picture
Grandma and Grandpa, if you're looking I need a chair.

Christmas in Minnesota

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! We had a good but kind of sick Christmas. Brady's at the end of a long cold, I'm sick from him, and my mom and dad both had the flu! But we made it there and back in one piece and everyone had a pretty good time. Brady is one spoiled little boy and is so lucky to have so many friends and family that love him! We were so blessed to be surrounded by our loved ones. This Christmas was extra special for me because not only was it my baby boy's first Christmas, but Brian was able to be home and see Brady's first Christmas live instead of on Skype from the desert. I don't know how many Christmas's he will be here for, so I silently thanked God the whole time to have him here. Here are some pictures from our Christmas in Minnesota:

Brady and his grandma and they have the same color shirt on!

Rascal loves playing in the snow and sledding with Dad. We have no snow here in Omaha, so he had a blast in Minnesota!

Brady sledding with Daddy, wasn't too thrilled about it, checking with Rascal to see if it's ok

Our family in the snow!

Yeah, the snow was pretty deep! 30 or so inches on the ground

Brian and I on Christmas Eve

My boys in their matching (awww!) outfits on Christmas Eve. They look thrilled.

All of the boys on Christmas Eve. Sorry Grandpa, next year you can get a matching shirt too

Our family on Christmas Eve

Opening presents, the best part! ;)

Love these two, especially in their matching shirts!!

Brady in a box!

Brady with his Uncle Danny and Papa

Too bad Brady didn't get any presents this year :(

The Ross's

He loved each and every one of his presents!

Too much celebration for Brady, he fell asleep with his Great Aunt Ann, Great Uncle Mike, and Papa

The Ross clan on Christmas Day

He was out in his Great Aunt Lori's lap!

Brady with his Godmother Laura

Opening the present that was bigger than him!!!

He thought it was pretty cool!

My little man is growing up! 8 months old!

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