Monday, November 28, 2011

A Very Brady Thanksgiving

Hola mis amigos! It's Brady here and I just got back from Minnesota and man are my legs tired!! Thanksgiving was pretty cool this year. I got to eat a lot, learned some new tricks, and just looked good! Here are some pictures:

I spent some quality time with my Grandpa brushing teeth and watching sports. You know, the usual.

Wait a minute, wait a minute........I'm GOING TO HAVE A SISTER??????? YUCK!!!

Just hanging out with Grandma Thanksgiving morning. I'm not tired, not tired.

Nope, not tired.

Thanksgiving food is the bomb!! Hey girl, want to share my cranberries with me? Oh wait, we're related? Awkward!

Got to work on my soccer skills with some of my relatives.

They said that I was too little and too good looking to play with them though. Sigh. It's hard being me.

This kid was determined to hit my dad with a snowball...

and he did. 8 times.

Then we went to the Ross Thanksgiving!

Nana and I with Great Grandpa reading a book on the art of pooping in your pants. Or maybe it was a Micky Mouse book, I'm not sure.

I was really working it this day, especially for Great Grandma. I heard the more hugs you give on Thanksgiving, the more Santa gets you on Christmas. Basically I'm expecting a Camaro.

My Uncle Danny, he's pretty cool. Although he told me that Elmo was stupid.

So I put a sleeping pill in his milk. No pie for you, ha!

Good thing I look like my mom, yikes!!

So that's why I've been so crabby lately, I've had the Bieber fever!

Since we're going to be in Nebraska for Christmas, we celebrated Christmas and birthdays early with the Ross's.

Even though he trashed Elmo earlier he got me an ELMO DRUM SET!!!! YEssssss!!!!


Grandpa holding his 2 shirtless boys..not weird, not weird.

Hey ladies, pick your favorite Ross boy. I would highly suggest the one in brown and green!

For this Christmas I also got a pair of molars. Most painful gift ever.

Get me out of here, these aren't my parents! They didn't buy me any presents!

Playing the drums like a pro, duh.


It's A...........

GIRL!!!!! (Well, we think!)

This weekend we went home to Minnesota for Thanksgiving (more on that later) and decided to do an elective ultrasound to see our little peanut. The main reason we did it was so that we could find out the gender before Brian deploys since he wouldn't be here for the 20 week scan. It was a little early, I'm only 15 weeks, but this place has an excellent reputation and he was fairly certain that we are indeed having a little girl! It was an amazing experience, both of our families minus Catherine (was who at work) were there and got an excellent view into this pregnancy. Brady was fairly certain that it was either a "Wiggle" or an "Elmo" in there! :) Here are some pictures from the ultrasound:

After looking for over 30 minutes, he felt fairly certain that it was a girl!

4d picture of our little one. Its hand was up by its mouth and she was moving quite a bit!

Great profile picture complete with a good view of the spine!

Another 4d image.

She really liked having her hand up by her face!

She put her fingers up and it looked like she was telling Brady that she was #1! Ha, if she only knew! :)

Can't wait to meet this sweet little one! :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big News!

We are happy to announce that Brady is going to be a big brother!! Baby #2 is due on May 20, 2012. This is the reason for the lack of blogs the last couple of months. I have felt way worse this time around with the morning sickness and the intense fatigue.This first trimester has been rough, but now at 11.5 weeks I am starting to feel human again. We are very excited to be expanding our family and feel very blessed to have been able to get pregnant a second time. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous to have kiddos 2 years and 1 month apart, but we really wanted them to be close in age so we're welcoming the challenge. Brian is deploying here in the next month or so for 60 days to Japan. I'm so thankful that he will be gone during my second trimester and not the first or third but sad that he will miss Christmas, the gender ultrasound (we hope to Skype it), and feeling the baby kick for the first time but that is the nature of the beast in the Air Force. Luckily he will be home for awhile and will be here for the birth which is the important part.

Our first glimpse at our second little miracle. Can't wait to see how much he or she has grown!

We actually found out on September 11th that we were pregnant. Not the best day to have found out, but it will now give us a happy memory of that day. This is me at 4 weeks. Wish I were still that small! I haven't taken a recent picture, it's really true that the second time around you really pop faster! I have my next doctor's appointment next week where I will hopefully find out when we can find out the gender! I am so excited to see if Brady will have a brother or sister!! So again, I apologize for the lack of blogs lately, but hopefully now that I'm feeling better there will be more, more frequently. :)

Halloween 2011

Ok, so I know I hated on Halloween pretty hard last year. But in all honesty, it's so much better once you have teeth. Here are some pictures from my diary of my Halloween:

A whole crap-load of pumpkins. Would they notice if a few were gone??

So a couple days before Halloween we carved some pumpkins. For Dad.

It. Felt. Awesome.

Our local YMCA had a Trunk or Treat night the week before Halloween. SO naturally I rolled up in my stroller. The coolest pirate there.

This witch was scary. But she gave me lots of candy. So we're cool.

What?? Never seen a pirate on tumbling thingys?

On Halloween day we went to a playdate. Mom made this dessert. (Yep, tasted about as good as it looks.)

My friend Luke and I. He's a scary monster, I'm a crabby pirate.

I'm also a sensitive doctor pirate (gets ALL the ladies!).

Then we went trick-or-treating at Daddy's squadron. All these guys were wearing the same outfit as Daddy. But they gave me candy so I didn't question them.

And then there was this guy.

Our family on Halloween.

This year I manned it up a little. Last year I was a puppy, this year a pirate.

Yeah, a manly, manly pirate.

Finally it was time to go do some real trick-or-treating!

I was so good at it. (Not that I'm really bad at anything).

Then my parents decided we should hand candy out outside. Dad thinks he's scary pirate...I think he's just scary embarrassing.

Oh did I mention that Mom was a pirate too? Yeah took the cool right out of Halloween.

My spooky house!

Dear Dad, No one is scared of you and you are not a real pirate.

Teddy even got into the pirate-ness of the family.

Rascal did too (of course, he has to be as cool as me, like usual).


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