Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Layla's Baptism

It happened! It finally happened!! On November 24th at 2:30 pm Layla finally got baptized!!  I only say finally because I feel like we've had to switch the days so many times due to the last deployment.  The baptism was wonderful! The guest of honor, however, was quite chatty during her baptism so I apologize if some of you were unable to hear it.  Here are some pictures of her baptism (WARNING there are a lot of pictures!):
Miss Layla waiting to get dressed, so excited to be baptized!

Brian and I dressing the little lady

Nana helping button her gown

Looks good!

Big brother Brady was all dressed up (wearing his first tie) playing stickers with Great Aunt Gladys

Layla with her parents and Godparents (Spike, our good childhood friend and Catherine, Brian's sister).

All seated!

Deacon Dave starting Layla's baptism

Big brother looking on

Her godmother blessing her

Layla just talking away

Getting baptized

Yay she's baptized!!

Us with the deacon

Layla with her godfather Spike

The beautiful cross cake from Jack's Bakery

Pink cross cookies from Eileen's Cookies

Cross cheeseball from the hands of Great Grandma Ross :)

Favor Bags

Brady. He had no nap that day and spent the majority of the time trying to entertain everyone. Why pay for entertainment when you have a 2 year old?

Everyone dishing up

Cutting the cake

The guest of honor passed out at her own party!

The reception

Layla with her future Aunt Dana!

The Deacon and his lovely wife Jackie

Layla playing with Aunt Gladys

With some of my best friends: Alex, Laura, and Sharday
Family Photos:


Layla hanging out with Auntie Alex

Laura with Layla and her godson, Brady

Pretty baptism girl with her giraffe

Love her so much!!

Minnesota Trip and Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful trip home to Minnesota and got to spend lots of time with family and friends.  It was Layla's second time to Minnesota and she said that she enjoyed it very much.  Here are some pictures from our trip home:
Layla and Brian being silly in Nana and Papa's kitchen

No trip is complete without a trip to the playground by Nana and Papa's

Swinging is so much fun!

Bad lighting but Brady and Layla with their Nana and Papa

Layla standing up on Papa's lap

Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's

Happy Thanksgiving!

Layla and Brady taking their seats at Thanksgiving dinner

Layla having fun with Great Grandma Ross

Reading a story

 Layla and Great Grandma. Not pictured: Brady running around like a crazy man for 3+ hours

Layla just hanging out with Aunt Cat

Layla with cousin Trish

Not sure who's putting who to sleep

Layla being silly with her daddy

Layla with her grandma and Casey

One day for lunch we all went to Dick's Last Resort in the Mall of America. Brady was napping so he did not get to partake in the fun.

Uncle Mike, Aunt Ann, Trish, and Brian

Our group. And no, we did not throw those napkins on the floor!  They blew them all onto us. I am still finding napkins in my diaper bag!

Grandma and Grandpa Ross :)

Uncle Mike and Aunt Ann

Brian and Layla were scared


Layla enjoying a carrot dinner

Passed out in Grandma's arms

Layla with Nana and Papa

Layla and Grandpa

Not sure if you're noticing a trend here or not. Brady hates to have his picture taken right now, thus all of the pictures of Layla! :)

Oh there's one! I could only take his picture if I took Papa's picture too.

Brady checking out the rides at the Mall of America

Layla hanging out with Aunt Dana and Uncle Danny

Aunt Cat on the truck ride with Brady

The Mall of America is cool!

The trees, not so cool!

Aunt Cat and Layla

All the kiddos

Super tired out from the trip

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