Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 Years Ago...

5 years ago this handsome man graduated from the Air Force Academy! (How can it be 5 years already?!)

3 Years Ago this handsome man got his wings and became a real pilot...

And just last week this handsome man became an aircraft commander!  (That means he's in charge of the whole crew and the whole plane, what??!)  He also ate a whole bbq sandwich too, good job honey! :)
So proud of him and of all of his accomplishments!  Now that he's done with training we go back to the world of deployments, TDY's, and any surprises the Air Force wants to throw our way.  Looks like for June and July he'll be basically "on call" which means if anything is going on he could be called away anytime for a deployment.  We're going to enjoy each and everyday we have with him in the meantime! :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brady and Layla's Birthday Party

Well, it's official. I have horrible luck with outdoor parties. This was party #3/3 that was cold and windy.  It was super cloudy too.  But it was a wonderful party and I am glad that baby birthday party season is over!  Here are some pictures from their combined birthday party:  *WARNING picture overload!! :)

Here are the invitations for this birthday party.  The overall theme was just multicolored, polka dots, birthday theme. To be honest, I was just tired of themes and this was just a cute, easy theme for a combined party! :)

We had the party at Minnehaha Falls Wabun Park shelter.  A beautiful, fun area that has a wading pool (that we did not use...brr!!) lots of picnic shelters, and nice views of the Mississippi River.

The amazing cheeseballs Great Grandma made for the kiddos.  This was a #1 for Layla

And a #3 for Brady. She is talented...such a yummy cheeseball! :)

Speaking of...! Great Grandma with Layla

It was so stinkin windy.  Here's Brady with his Godmother, Laura fetching balloons that blew away

Brady with his Uncle Danny...

two peas in a pod!

Trying not to freeze! Gramma, Layla, and Aunt Gladys

No, they're not related...not at all

Layla hanging out with Laura

Yeah our party had a heater.  And it was May 25th...

We all stayed warm though! :)

Brady and Layla's cake

And the delicious, I mean mouth watering-best-brownies-you've-ever-tasted Aunt Gladys made!  They're my favorite and she always spoils me with a pan to take home! Yumm! :)

Cake time!

The reaction was pretty similar to her 1st Birthday Party.  Layla was trying to shield the wind and keep the candle lit! :)

Tasting the cake...still not crazy about it!

Trying to get a family picture..."OOh look...cake!"

"Let me just try that polka dot right there..."

BRADY!!  One day we will get a good picture.

Layla really liked the brownies! Screw the cake, the girl likes some chocolate! :)

Brady liked the cake though

Gramma, Brady, and Laura coloring with chalk

Layla enjoyed being walked around

Enjoying some cake and conversation

Uncle Danny with Layla

The grill man aka Grampa

Brady opening some presents

And Layla opening some gifts

Brady was having lots of fun

Layla enjoyed looking at the cards

Brady trying out his new bat and ball

He was actually hitting it too!

Brady and Layla posing by their drawings.  

The absolute best part of the trip was the fact that all of Brady and Layla's living great grandparents were in attendance.  Great-Grandpa Fothergill came in from Cincinnati and Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Ross came in from Tucson.  I felt horrible that it was so cold but they were troopers! :)

Brady and Layla with all of their grandparents and great-grandparents.  They are seriously so blessed! 

I hope that they will always treasure these pictures. I'm so, so glad that I got them!  I know that the rest of the great grandparents were there in spirit.

Brian and I with our parents and his grandparents

Family picture! Layla was pretty much done taking pictures at this point!

Laura and I: friends since kindergarten!  She's Brady's godmother and one of the sweetest, best people around!

Mike playing with Layla. We were missing lots of family and friends due to it being a busy weekend but were so glad those that were able to make it could! 

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend we traveled to Minnesota and it was seriously such a great weekend.  We got to see lots of family, some friends, had another birthday party (that's for the next blog), ate yummy food, and just all around had a good time!  The kids were in good moods too so that really helps. Sleeping wasn't exactly priority #1 for either child but they were still happy kids and we were able to make up for it the past couple days.  Here are some pictures from our weekend!:

The ride there. Layla's first roadtrip facing forward and my first trip squeezing in between two large carseats. Woohoo!

Silly Brady and I on the drive. He was soo excited to go to Minnesota!

First on the to-do list: play Playdoh outside with Gramma, of course!

The next day we got to meet up with Gramma at McD's for her lunch hour.

They had a pretty cool play place!

Then we headed up to Brooklyn Park and Layla got to meet Great Grandpa Fothergill for the first time, Brady got to see him for the second time.  They both thought he was pretty neat! Brady's favorite thing was to play ball with him and show him all the things he could do.  Layla liked to play with his shoes! :)

It was so, so good to see him!!

There was only really 1 nice day so we took full advantage of that and spent some time at the park

And we swung on Nana and Papa's backyard swing

Pretty much everytime we got in the car....

they crashed!

Playing at the park by Grandma and Grandpa's house

It was pretty fun! But soooo chilly!

Brady being silly with Uncle Danny

One night I met my good friend Laura for dinner at my old stomping grounds: 50's Grill! I worked there for 7 years and man oh man do I miss that food! I'm drooling just looking at this burger!

They seriously have the best malts!! Yummm!

Brady giving his great grandpa a big goodbye hug.

Next up: the birthday party! :)
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