Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's the Brady Show!

Hiya folks! It's me, Brady! Remember me?  Ugh it's been so long since mommy let me blog.  I heard she was trying to keep this blog all professional like, ha!  That's cute mom. So for those of you who don't know me, I'm Brady. I'm 3. I'm the ridiculously talented and handsome son of Mommy Ross.  I have been blogging for awhile. If you'd like to take a look at my work there's some here, some here, oh wait and some here.  We on the same page? Ok let's get on with the show.
So I was just sitting in my house working on the blog
until I hear a noise

"Brady, can you help me?? He gets confused a lot so I (being the good son I am) hurried down to the grass to see what was the matter.

Little did I know this little punk lovely sister of mine got on my computer and wrote me a message.  It went as follows.."Dear Big Brother.  We need to make some money this summer so we can go to Chuck E Cheese, go to Dairy Queen to get ice cream, and go to Baby Gap to look fresh.  Don't tell mom.  Climb out your window at naptime and I'll meet you there." Layla
Normally she's not the brightest thing but I told her this might be a good idea.  My photography business is doing ehh ok but I could really use some extra income.

She decided she was going to drive but we all know how that would have gone (women drivers, psh!) so I took the reins.

I told her to sit her chubby cheeks down in her carseat and just rest easy that big brother would take them to the right spot.

The first place we went was Target.  I figured we shop there enough (thanks, mom!) that we know our way around the store.  They were concerned with the fact that Layla's not too good on her feet yet but she showed them how fast she could get around the store to help customers out.  They said they'd give us a call but I'm gonna chalk that one up as a "NO".

Next we went to a model agency where they took some shots of us. This was the best they could get with Layla.

And this was the best shot they got of me.  And thanks for letting me know that I look like a giant turd coming out of that statue, Layla!  Probably not going to get call backs from them.
We decided it best to sneak back in the house and take a nap. Maybe some sleep would help us come up with some good ideas.

Layla thought maybe since we live in Nebraska she could train to be a corn eater for contests. I told her that's not a thing people do to make money.

I tried my hand at fixing toy car gas caps but there just wasn't enough demand for that.

We had a brother/sister concert but uh, no one showed up.

We sat outside an eye store with mustaches on with a "tips" can

not sure why, but yeah that didn't work either.
I think we came up with the winner though. I told Layla there's lots of money in reality shows. Mommy watches enough of them and those people all seem pretty smart and rich.

I thought maybe we could pretend to be a blind brother and sister just living life.
Or perhaps conjoined brother and sister? Huh??
I think Layla may have come up with the winner though: Baby Mommy.  Kind of like Teen Mommy but with a baby.  See how a one year struggles through the first year of her baby's life.

She's certainly got enough attitude for that show.
So TLC, feel free to contact us! For now we'll just watch Caillou and poop our pants like we should. We are accepting tips for those activities as well. Thanks.


Jenn said...

OMG HILARIOUS!!! He sounds like Honest Toddler! Please PLEASE tell me you've heard of that blog.

Janelle Vannice said...

Oh my goodness! Haha, this made me laugh so hard. They are certainly cute!!! :)

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