Wednesday, July 3, 2013

That time I took the kids to the zoo alone

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Ok on to the show!  We honestly have the worlds best zoo here in Omaha, the Henry Doorly Zoo  and we have been so spoiled to have this be the first zoo that the kids have gone to.  We have a military family membership and it is SO worth it. If you're ever in Omaha, I highly recommend visiting it!! I realized that although I've been to the zoo many, many times with the kids, family, and friends I had never taken both kids completely by myself. Usually we go on when Brian has a day off, when family or friends are in town, or we meet up with friends for a zoo playdate.  I woke up yesterday morning and it was in the 50's and was supposed to be a nice day so I last minute decided we were going to go to the zoo.

I told Layla to put on her pinkest giraffe shirt.  Which she so nicely decorated with blueberries so onto outfit #2!

I've never been in the summer on a weekday and wow was it busy!

The kids by far loved the monkeys the most.  We probably stared at them for a good hour total. Here were the outdoor monkeys

And then the 'indoor monkeys'.  Doesn't matter that they're gorillas, to my children they are all monkeys. 

Ooh look more monkeys!

This monkey aka a baboon really liked Layla.  After the baboon turned around and Brady saw his backside (they're the ones with the pink wide bottom) Brady said, "Mommy! That monkey's booty hurts. He got owwies from sitting in his poopy too long."  Yes Brady, that must be it.

Layla also enjoyed the snakes.  I know my phone photography skills are probably wowing you by now.  We pulled up to the snake, she threw out her pacifier, stuck her finger in the air, and said, "SSSSS!".  Girl knows her animal sounds.

We went to a couple more exhibits and then parked ourselves in the fossil digging area.  Layla wasn't too sure about it.

Do I eat it??

Brady had a blast and took his job quite seriously

I don't know what this is, but it's fun!

They were all playing nicely until some kid stole Layla's shovel.  I happened to catch the action on camera.  The fugitive shall remain nameless and faceless.

"That kid....he stole my shovel.  And he called my dress ugly!"

"I want you to beat him up."

All was calmed down and then we worked on getting as many of those little pebble things in her dress as possible. 

After that it was time for feeding some koi, looking at giraffes, and then pushing the super heavy stroller + 2 heavy children up some very steep hills. Pretty sure I was dripping sweat and breathing super hard at the end of it all.  

It was fun going to the zoo just the 3 of us. It amazes me each time how much more they understand and how much fun they have with it all.  It helps that they were well behaved and no one pooped their pants...besides a couple of monkeys.


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