Friday, February 17, 2012

We apologize for the lack of updates lately! As Brady said, he got RSV last week and it's been a ROUGH week, well actually month for that matter! On Superbowl Sunday Brady woke up from his nap coughing like crazy, runny nose, and started coughing so hard he threw up all over himself (well all over Brian too. Welcome home Daddy!). So we canceled our Superbowl plans with friends and had a night in instead. His cold continued to get worse and by Wednesday night after throwing up again after coughing and with a fever we brought him in to urgent care. I was pretty sure he had pneumonia but he just had RSV, bronchiolitis, and a bad ear infection. He was put on antibiotics and we were sent home. Brady was miserable, as was I due to lack of sleep and dealing day after day with sick and crabby Brady man. Not only was he dealing with the RSV and ear infection but he's also getting his canines (eye teeth) which pediatric dentists say are the worst and most painful teeth, but he's also deep into the terrible two's so life has just been a blast lately! I am so, so thankful that Brian has been home to help out because I would be pulling my hair out at this point! This pregnancy doesn't leave me with as much patience as I would normally have either so Brian has been making me take some time out of the house for myself (love him!) and I just have to keep telling myself that it's just a phase, this will pass, and one day I will probably miss this time! Things have really been better the last couple of days though now that his ear infection and RSV are gone and we're working on the defiant behaviors. Maybe he's just trying to get all of this out of his system before his sister comes? Ha, I can dream, right?! Here are a couple of pictures from the past couple of weeks:

Brady and Daddy spending some quality time together reading. Brady is sooo happy that Daddy is home! His favorite thing to say now is Hi Daddy! What you doing?! or Hi Daddy, how you doing? It's so cute!

We had a good snowstorm 5 days after Brian got home. Thank you God for waiting for Brian to be back!! It was our first real good snowstorm (we got about a foot) and Brady and Rascal LOVED it!

It was Brady's first time in a sled too and he thought it was pretty cool. Can you believe how big those snowflakes were?!

Brady with his snowman, so proud!

On February 13, Brian and I celebrated 11 years together. This picture was from 11 years ago, at our 9th grade formal, a few days before we "officially" became a couple. I honestly can't believe it's been that long! I love him more than I could ever have imagined and am so, so thankful he is my husband, best friend, and daddy to my babies! I found this picture in an album that I had put together for Brian before he left for the Academy and Brady absolutely loves looking at this picture. He says, "Oh Mommy, oh and Daddy!" Good to know we still look somewhat like we did in 9th grade! :)

The romantic meal Brian made me for Valentine's Day. He cooked, decorated the table, AND cleaned up! He also got me an iPhone which was a complete shock. He spoiled me this year for sure! :)

Brady was in bed when we had our dinner but to celebrate with him earlier in the day we had Valentine's cupcakes. Brady didn't seem to mind! :)

Belly shot at 26 weeks. CANNOT believe that I am 26 weeks already, well actually almost 27 weeks now! Yikes! This pregnacy is going by soo fast, it is crazy! I think before we know it, it's going to be May and this baby girl will be here! This week we went out and got a double stroller, I ordered the crib, the bedding, and room decor, and we looked at dressers for her room. It's becoming so real now! I am getting so nervous! I'm nervous how Brady is going to handle it all ( he still cries whenever I hold a baby) and how I'm going to juggle a 2 year old and a newborn. I know that it's going to all be ok but it's going to be an adjustment going from a family of 3 to a family of 4, well I guess 5 if you count Bougie. :) I've been feeling pretty good. Heartburn is a daily struggle and toys are getting harder to pick up off the ground but baby girl is active and healthy and that's all I can ask for. I will try to update more in the coming weeks. Brady told me he is all done with being sick this winter so I will hold him to that! :)

Brady's Super Great Update!

Hello, hello, hello!! It is me, Brady Brian Ross! I know you've missed me! I was diagnosed with RSV last week (pretty sure it stands for really sucky virus) and mom wouldn't let me on the computer. Soooo other than being sick I've been pretty awesome. Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks:

Here's Daddy and I. We're best friends. We enjoy drinking, looking at Mom's Victoria Secret catalogs, and sitting at the dining room table.

This is Mama and my new monkey friends at the zoo. I dared them to have a contest to see who could poop on mama the quickest. Pretty sure the one on the right was the winner. They were kinda jerks though making me pay them for their services.

Staring at some of my other monkey friends. They're honestly the coolest. I can see why my dad chose these guys as roommates. They live just like him!

Then one day it snowed!

Bougie (mom note: Brady calls Rascal Bougie (Boo-gee), long story but that's what he calls him) put on his coat and was like, "Hey Brady, let's go out and play in the snow!"

Hang out with my best friend in my smoking hot snow outfit? Yes! Duh.

Since my dad isn't super strong I told him I would help him shovel the driveway.

I got so distracted though by this yellow snow....

It was so delicious! :)

Then mom came outside with a sled and said "Let's go out back and sled like crazy!"

Daddy, Bougie and I thought mom was pretty horrible at it so we had to show her up.

We were doing really well...

We may have lost Bougie in the process but I'm sure he'll turn up when all of the snow melts.

They call me Brady: Snow Model 2012

Dad said we had to build a snowman. Don't really get the whole point of "snowmen" but since he needed a strong man I helped.

Bougie finally made his way out of the snow and man he was pissed!

I told Mom and Dad that for Valentine's Day I would make dinner. First stop: pick up 10 onions.

Pick up some fresh Nebraska corn. It's kind of a secret only native Nebraskans know, but shh the corn is best in the winter.

Then I had to decide the meat: should I take on the sheep or the pig? The pig had an attitude so sheep it was!

And then since Mom's pregnant I didn't go with the traditional wine with dinner, I milked a cow for the beverage! I know, I know, son of the year!



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Daddy's Home!!!

We received word recently that Daddy would be home soon. I didn't believe it, a 60 day deployment and he would be back at the 62 day mark? Unheard of! So when he told me that he was actually getting on a plane I was hesitantly optimistic. They were flying themselves back from Japan and there's known to be issues, not getting back when they say they will due to aircraft issues, weather, etc. But by the grace of God Brian came home Monday and it was wonderful!! Here are some pictures from our homecoming:

Brady waiting patiently for Daddy to arrive! He definitely got it more this time. A bus passed and Brady said where'd go? Where'd go? Daddy????! (We were waiting for a shuttle bus that takes them from the aircraft to the squadron, where we were).

Stupid sun got in the way but that's Brian lifting Brady in the air. Brady was playing outside (it took a little longer than anticipated and it was 70 degrees out!) and he knew Brian instantly. He turned around and said, "Hi Daddy!"

Brady was amazed at all of the planes taking off so he was a little distracted in pictures!

Our family back together again! :)

Ooohhh air-pane!!!

The guys with their babies. Much bigger than last deployment!

So happy to have him home! 60 day deployments are much better!! Brian should hopefully be home from deployments until September, but has to do a trip to Vegas in March for a couple of weeks. It has been super nice here too, almost feeling like spring, so we've been spending lots of time outside and just enjoying being together again. Brady doesn't want to let Brian out of his sight! :)

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