Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Review

This weekend, oh this weekend.  This weekend left me super thankful that we are done having children.  Yeesh.  Potty training day 1 went pretty well.  Potty training day 2 went even better (only 2 accidents!) and then potty training day 3 was just a wreck.  Brady decided he didn't want to go on the potty anymore and would throw major tantrums every time we even suggested it. This isn't an issue of whether or not he can do it (we know that he can) it's an issue of control. Guess what bucko, we're going to win this one! ;)  So we're staying strong and continuing with the no diapers thing and praying for patience these next couple of weeks until it all gets figured out.

Layla on the other hand has molars coming through and has decided to be a screamy, whiny, all around fun little girl.  We tried to dine out at Hyvee the local grocery store tonight (classy, right?) and um it didn't go well. Layla decided the way to get attention was the scream at the top of her lungs. "MILK!! Didn't you hear me people, I said I wanted MILK!!!" "BLUEBERRIES!!! NOW!!" At least that's what I think she way saying.  So as I'm typing this (Sunday night) the kids are finally in bed, I am googling vacations away, eating smores, and I'm getting ready to go distract myself with some mindless reality television.  Here are some pictures from the more fun parts of our less than fun weekend:
I don't know what's more American than this: a boy in his T-ball shirt, holding an American flag, peeing on a potty in the back of his car.

Since we were sticking close to home this weekend we decided to have some pool time on the deck

Would have been a great picture had the camera lens not been smudged by sticky little fingers earlier!

Hey Brady, you forgot your underwear!

Having fun on our redneck waterslide

Layla enjoyed it too

Trying bomb pops for the first time..not sure

On to potty training day number 4..and Daddy goes back to work. :(  


Jenn said...

PRAYERS. Sending prayers. And I think shipping wine is illegal (although I don't like the rules of the post office so maybe I'll send you some anyway?), but WINE TOO. I gotta say, I think the potty in the car picture could be a Norman Rockwell painting. Hilarious and real life at the same time! AND patriotic! Hope this coming weekend is more fun/less stress. :)

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