Sunday, January 27, 2013

Layla 8 Months!

Layla is 8 months already and it makes me sad! She will be 1, walking and talking before I know it.  Layla is still the sweetest little thing.  She loves to eat, talk, smile, and play with her toys and her brother (when he lets her).  I thought that Layla would be my dainty little girl but man, that little lady can put away some food. She'll eat a whole jar of baby food (fruit is by far her favorite), eat handfuls of snacks, and then want to nurse as well!  She's growing out of her clothing fast.  We last weighed her at home at about 18 pounds but we'll see for sure at her 9 month checkup in a couple of weeks.  Layla's favorite word by far is "dada" but "mama" has finally come into her vocabulary although it is rarely used. She greets Brian with dada and whenever I try to get her to say mama she responds with a smile "DADA!".  I think she's close to crawling but most days she'll still content to sit and have a pile of toys around her.  She still enjoys jumping and just being near her brother so she can watch him.  Here are some pictures of my sweet little lady:
Getting fancy with our posing! :)

Wait, you mean to tell me I'm 8 months old already?

Likes to pull her headbands off now :(

Got at least 1 more picture in!

Aaaand it's off

Brady at 8 months


Layla at 8 months


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