Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life Lately

Whew that was quite the blog overload!  I had a lot to catch up on!  Can't believe 2013 is here and we're over halfway through January already! We've only had 1 good snowfall so far so Brady is anxiously awaiting some more snow.  He's big into sledding this winter so hopefully we'll get some more!  We're working on getting Brady potty trained.  It's been a sloow and frustrating process but we're trying to take his lead and keep it a positive experience.  We've got him going "pee pee on the potty" a couple of times a day but it's nothing consistent yet.  Hopefully it'll come in the next couple of months before he hits 3!  

Layla is growing up! She loves sitting and playing with her toys, exercising in her jumper, eating lots and lots of food, and watching her brother run around.  She's still not crawling yet although I don't think she's too far from it. She's had a rough month of sleeping since she got her first teeth and her first real cold but she slept through the night last night!  I hope that's the new norm!  

Brian started his aircraft commander upgrade program this past Friday.  He's been home a lot lately and we've loved that!  He's busy working on his masters, bottling his new beer he made, and playing with the kiddos!  

I'm just busy taking care of the kids. I can't believe how fast Layla is growing up.  I'm still nursing but she's starting to prefer solid foods more to mommy now which is ok with me.  I've exceeded my nursing goal by quite a few months and if I can be all done with it in a couple months, that'd be great! I'm ready to have my body back and maybe take a break that's longer than a couple of hours! :) Here are some recent pictures of the last week or so:
Just hanging out after destroying the living room :)

Tickets to Sesame Street Live! We figured if we can do disney, we can do a sesame street show!

Brady was all ready and excited for "Elmo dancing and singing"

Layla was excited too! We went with our friends the Rohrbacher's.

Elmo and Big Bird!

Layla also got a new swimsuit (this one fits) and she was pretty excited about it.

Layla's first time swimming

Fun times at the Y! :)


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