Thursday, January 17, 2013


Since we went home for Thanksgiving and then went to Florida we were a little traveled out so we decided to stay here in Nebraska for Christmas. My parents were so gracious to make the trip out (a couple days after a bad ice/snow storm which took them over 7 hours to get through with the bad Iowa roads, thank you!) and we were so glad to be able to spend Christmas with them. We really missed the Ross's but it was really nice not to travel, especially with the roads being as bad as they were! Here are some pictures from our Christmas:
Grampa and I made cookies

Layla ate (with Gramma's help) and watched us

Doing good guys!

Brady and Gramma helped decorate the cookies

My favorite: peanut butter with chocolate kisses!

I think he ate the majority of the sprinkles.

Watching the Polar Express

Sledding in our backyard! 

Christmas Eve. Just for the record Brian dressed himself.

Then we played some Christmas bingo

Layla was really happy for all of those that won.

She's a winner!

And so is he!

Brian and I on Christmas Eve. Voted best dressed couple in Nebraska.
Tried to get one picture of them in their cute matching shirts. And this was the best picture I got. 

Our Christmas tree ready for us after dinner!

Christmas dinner

Rascal getting to open the first present

Brady moving so fast to open presents! That face is pure determination!

Layla was pretty excited too
PURE CHAOS! I think we overdid it a little this year

Everyone passed out but Layla.  If you could see the clock it says 11:45. She was wide awake. My guess is she was waiting for Santa.

Christmas morning (I know, we overdid it this Christmas. But to my defense those were the Ross's presents and Santa's!).

The stockings were full..

Oh my goodness..train on the tracks! That's what he calls his train set.

Layla excited to see what Santa brought her!

Oooh a Cars tent!!

Such determination and joy! :)

Trying to get a good picture of them in their Chrismas pjs.

Maybe a kiss will help?

Well it was worth a try! My sweet babies!

We had a great Christmas and were so thankful to have spent it with family! :)


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