Thursday, January 17, 2013

December Recap

Whew! After Florida, we needed a few days to just hang out and regroup but after that it was time for some Christmas festivities!
Brady and Layla at storytime with Mrs. Clause

Fun times at the YMCA Holiday Party

My friend Alma and I hosted a holiday party with our friends. We did a white elephant exchange and it was just a good time getting everyone together (kiddos too) before the holidays.

Layla wearing her reindeer shirt for the friend Christmas party

Tables all decorated. We had the party at a local restaurant.

Gift bags for all of the kids.

Some of the desserts (snuck in a birthday cake for Brian since it was the day before his birthday!)

Brady playing with a balloon at the party

Layla was having fun!

Wearing matching shirts opening friends forever

All of the ladies

And all of the guys

Trying to get Layla to look at the camera!

The day of Brian's birthday we opened presents (new car mats...yes!), went to church, brunch, and then we went ice skating downtown.

It was Brady's first time and he was pretty pumped

He thought the skates were funny

Look Mommy, we're skating!!

Hot chocolate break

Yay skating!!

Brian and his birthday cupcake

In December we also got new carpet. It ended up being a huge project moving everyone's stuff but we love it! Here's Rascal laying on the old carpet one last time.

Pulling up the old carpet
This is what our downstairs looked like while they were putting in the carpet
Finished product...Layla loves it!

The first real big snowfall. Brady loved shoveling and eating it...Layla did not enjoy it.

Working on some Christmas presents

Layla and Brady by the Christmas tree

Brian with another one of his birthday presents...a paper shredder! We are so exciting now, haha! :)


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