Thursday, January 17, 2013

Florida Day 6

We all were super exhausted from the trip so we decided just to hang out at our hotel before our 2:00 flight back home.

We checked out the Toy Story part of the resort.

B for Brady!

Brady with his little French girlfriend


Layla enjoyed it as well

Aahhh he's going to eat Brian!

Playing on checkers

Brady riding on the fast car

Our pool

The flight home wasn't as enjoyable as the flight there (during nap time with no naps) but we made it! Never been more exhausted in my life and never needed a vacation from our vacation more than this trip but we had the best time ever! The kids behaved 100 times better than I thought they would and we made so many memories that I'll forever cherish. So traveling with two littles is not the easiest thing ever but it is do-able and it is so much cheaper!!  Where shall we go next?? ;)


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