Thursday, January 17, 2013

Florida Day 2

Everyone got a great night of sleep and we set off first thing for the beach.
I just love the ocean! 

It was a little bright out and Brady wasn't sure what to think of seeing the ocean for the first time during the day!

He liked seeing his footprints on the beach though!

Layla wasn't too sure what to think either
Walk on the beach with my little man.

Then we ventured to Patrick AFB (our TLFs weren't on base, they were just slightly west of them).  This was their marina.  So beautiful!

Layla enjoyed watching the animals at the marina. I think.

She also enjoyed lunch.

Then we went back to our TLF to get our sun gear to spend some more time at the beach!

Layla playing with her toys and waiting patiently for everyone to get ready.

Well by the time we got out there it was super windy and cloudy but we made the best of it.

Brian decided to wear Layla in her baby Bjorn.  Hot daddy.

Trying to find the perfect location for a sand castle.

Hi Layla!

Going for a stroll on the beach

Yay beach!

Brian and Layla making fun of me. Real funny guys.

Layla and I

Boys building their sandcastle

Layla sitting on her own for one of the first times

My sweet boys!

Racing on the beach

More sand castle action

Brady touching the ocean for the first time

He wasn't sure what to think!

Layla in her mini skirt ready for a night out in Cocoa Beach.

Ron Jon surf shop.

Read on for Day 3


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