Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year's

We were so happy to have Nana and Papa come celebrate the New Year with us. We had a fun weekend!!  We ate yummy food, went sledding, made beer, played lots, and Brian and I even got a date night in! Here are the pictures from New Year's:
We went to the Lauritzen Gardens to see their poinsettia show.  They also had trains there and Brady was seriously in love. He watched that train go by at least 30 times! 

The beautiful poinsettia tree

Brady riding on the toy train around a tree

He had fun

There were other kids on there, I swear!

Checking out more of the trains

Getting a Brady's eye view

Then we climbed up the stairs to go see real trains that are on display outside.  When you cross into Nebraska you can see the trains and the "Welcome to Omaha" sign.

It was windy..

but the trains were cool!

He was telling me which kind of trains were which, I was impressed!
Brady with his papa
Train man

Decked out in their Vikings gear getting ready for the Vikings game!

Go Vikings!!
Her outfit and her cheering worked for this game....not so much for the next game.

We went to our friend Alma and Aaron's house for New Year's and we had a great time.  Here's Brady playing with his friend Luke.

Yay for 2013!

They just love to take sibling pictures

Brian dressed himself again

Some of the kids...all so happy about New Year's!


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