Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recent Activities

Winter is long, especially with little kids so we have been trying to do as many activities during the day, evenings, and weekends to keep us sane!  Here are 2 of our recent favorite outings:
Brady bowling for the first time!  He had more fun taking turns and shouting out who's turn it was rather than knocking down pins. Oh well, whatever makes them happy?

I know it looks like he's swinging at the ball like a volleyball but it was just a good push :)

Layla was not impressed with our bowling skills

The second game. Let it be known that I did win the first game!

Layla's still not impressed

Last weekend they had a huge train expo at the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs. Brady is seriously obsessed with all things trains so we figured we had to go!

It was an interesting mix of people...some toddler/preschool boys, some adults, and lots of elderly train enthusiasts.  

Brady was by far the loudest of them all. "OOOOHHH!!!! CHOO CHOO! ALL ABOARD! HERE COMES THE TRAIN! HEY EVERYBODY, HERE COMES THE TRAIN!" (All caps to emphasize the volume)

Layla was equally loud but it was more like "DADADADADA" AHHHHHHHHH"

We sat and watched this large train go by probably for a good hour

He was hypnotized. When he was yelling "TRAIN COMING!!" all of the other kids kind of looked at him like he was nuts.  The kid likes his trains.

Then he took a little break out to ride this ride that was kind of like a train? Who knows


And then we did more of this. Layla was not too impressed at this point

"I have an idea, let's go to a giraffe convention next!"

Layla tried spaghetti for the first time

We did some "It's so cold outside let's just take pictures" photoshoots

Then they started holding hands (without me telling them to!) and for a second I forgave them for both pooping themselves at the same time.  Awhhh

Layla is also getting her top teeth thus making sure none of us sleep.

We tried a Valentine's photo shoot. Which went super well.

Layla enjoyed it at least!

"What the heck is this?"

"And what the heck is this on my head?"

"It makes me look pretty? Ok, I'll smile!"

And then we went to Brady's best buddy's house (Brayden) for his Mickey themed 3rd Birthday.  

And that's what we've been doing! :)


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