Thursday, January 17, 2013

Florida Day 4

We really wanted to see a Florida sunrise so we got up at the buttcrack of dawn and ventured over to the ocean.
Layla was bright and bushy tailed

Brian was not

Still here guys! Nice sunrise!

It was cloudy but still pretty!

Then they both passed out

When everyone woke up we told them the news...we're going to Disney World! These were their reactions.

We then drove an hour and a half (most of which was spent hearing "I want to see Mickey" over and over again) but then we made it! Disney World here we are!!!

Checking in at our hotel: The All Star Movies Resort

Our hotel lobby

It was so cool to see everything decorated for Christmas.  

Waiting on our beds

Our room

Layla enjoying her bed

We were in the 100 Dalmatians part of the resort. Brady liked seeing all of the dogs

These were the stairs. Pretty neat!

Brady, patient tourist waiting for the bus to bring him to see Mickey.

We're here! But we need to wait 30 minutes for Brian to get our tickets.

And we're in!

Riding the train around the Magic Kingdom..highlight of Brady's trip

Our first view of "Mickey's Castle" as Brady calls it.

Got in just in time to see the parade


Brian and Brady on the Dumbo ride

Riding the teacups!

Layla's first ride: It's a Small World!

Brady was not too thrilled with this ride

Disney World is so much fun!!

"Are you having fun?" "Yeah. Are you?"

Then after a full day at Magic Kingdom we decided to be crazy people and spend the night at Epcot.

The ball at night.

The kids couldn't handle the excitement.

Brian went on a few rides while the babies slept and then we walked around the world and tried a few snacks and beverages. 

Then we went on the Nemo ride!


We made it back to the hotel and then celebrated with sleeping babies and adult beverages! Woohoo!

Next: Day 5!


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