Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had such a busy, fun weekend!  On Friday we celebrated our 5th anniversary! (I'll try and blog about that later). Two of my bestest friends came and visited, and I ran my 3rd 5k! Here are some pictures from our busy weekend: 
Brady was slowly trying to destroy the house/undo all my cleaning so we found a fun project: make a welcome sign for Alex and Laura!  His handwriting is impeccable for a 3 year old! 

Friday night after they got in we went out for dinner at a local restaurant, ate some froyo, had some adult beverages, and had some glorious adult conversation! 

Saturday morning we woke up early, walked to Dunkin Donuts (have I mentioned how dangerous that is to have within walking distance??), went to Target (where I randomly found a twin bed on sale and got it for 76% off!), and headed to Brady's T-ball game.

The kids seriously had so much fun with them!  

Waiting for Brady's t-ball game to start

Brady had to step off the field for a second to check out the sign made for him

Just hanging out with his godmother waiting to bat


Layla wasn't so interested in the game but more so in playing with Alex, pushing her stroller, around and eating as much as she could

Brady with his biggest fans

Silly faces!

Then it was time for girls day out!!

First stop was lunch, shopping at the nearby mall, and then the first thing you would think of to do in Nebraska....

Visit a vineyard!  Right?  Ok so probably not the #1 Nebraska tourist destination but it was a perfect stop for girls day.  First we took a tour of the vineyard and then sat on the deck and did some wine tasting.

Our wine tastings

Laura sitting on the deck

Excuse our hair and was incredibly warm and windy!

Next stop: Napa?! Such a fun (and windy) time!

After that we decided to relieve Brian take the kiddos to the nearby pool

Love this shot Laura took

Just swimming with my little fish!

Brian on the waterslide with Brady

Laura and Layla swimming together

Brady going down the butterfly slide

And Layla too!

After that we pretty much collapsed on the couch until I someone suggested going to Sonic for some late night treats. Note: Not the best decision to eat a large brownie sundae the night before a 5k.  Live and learn.

The next morning they came and cheered me on at my 5k.  Not too sure why I look so orange??  I promise I didn't spray tan.

After that we went out for brunch and it was all too soon to have to say goodbye.

Brady kissing his girlfriend aka Alex goodbye

Going in the for the kiss!

It was such a fun weekend and I was so sad to see them go. It's so nice to not see each other for months but to just be able to pick up like it's been no time at all.  I really wished we lived closer to each other but I'm thankful for the time that we did get to spend together. Thanks for coming ladies, come visit us again soon!!

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Jenn said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! And congrats on the 5k, mama! How was it?

Wine tasting looks awesome. Wish there was a place like that around here that didn't have leather-shoe-tasting wine. But alas.... Tuckassee is not known for their wine-making skills. haha ;)

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