Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today I'm just feeling lucky.  Brian has been home for 7 whole months!! That's the longest he's been home in 3 years. He's still on the hook (basically on call to deploy) the next month and a half so there is a chance we may get to extend our record and there is a chance he may leave in short notice.  But to us these 7 months have been priceless. In these 7 months:
He was home for Thanksgiving, his birthday, Christmas, and New Year's.

He was home for Valentine's Day and we got to celebrate being together for 12 years.

He was home this year for Easter and got to see the kiddos for the first time do an Easter Egg Hunt. 

We got to take some dates together and nourish our marriage.

He was able to be there for Brady's 3rd birthday which was just about the best present that little boy could have asked for.

He was there for Layla's first birthday. Although we couldn't get a good family picture at it! ;) He was deployed during Brady's first birthday so it was very special for all of us that he was home.

He got to partake in the everyday things and be home the majority of Layla's first year.
We trained for my first 5k together and completed it!
And he got to coach Brady's first T-ball team.

I know that it's unlikely he'll be home again for that chunk of time (such is life as a pilot) so I'm counting my blessings that we have gotten to be a "normal" family for this long. This week we'll be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary and I'm so excited to actually have him here for it.  I'm hoping for a summer full of fun memories with Daddy but know that if duty calls we at least got to spend this time together. And for that I feel so, so lucky.
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Kate @ Daffodils said...

Amazing how much sweeter all those moments are when you know what it is like when he misses them. I hope your time continues,

wordsforfree said...

You do a great job with your blog. I almost forgot you were working so diligently at it. You post much more frequently than me. The posts are upbeat and the photos work so well. You have my vote on Best Blog in your category. Good luck; I hope you win.
I have not lived up to posting once monthly on "Wading Into the Stream" (http://jfing/blogspot.com) nor have I reviewed any movies on "Viewings and Views" http://viewsandviews/blogspot.com) since last fall. But when I am inspired I throw something up, just for fun.
Keep up the good work.
Uncle Jim Fothergill

Jenn said...

Oh goodness, I hope he doesn't get called up and you can keep enjoying family time! It looks like you've really made the time count though when he's been home. :)

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