Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Recap + Father's Day!

Luckily our weekend redeemed our not so wonderful week! This weekend was the annual Papillion Days festival which is the city we proudly live in! Both of the kiddos were feeling (mostly) better so we ventured out for some fun! 
Papillion Days!

Watching the opening ceremonies for the days.  

Layla had fun walking around rather than watching the magician. Brian's back did not agree

Friday night we checked out the fair. Brady had to do some rides of course!

Brady too cool for this piggy ride

We had to ride all of the "driving" rides


The next day the Papillion fire dept had some displays so we had to go check that out.

Sitting in a fire truck. (The annoyed face is not Brady's, that's constipated Brady's face)

Playing games in the fire station

Layla was over it

Picking from the lollipop tree

Layla was not too sure of this guy

We also got to watch the duck paddle

Three of our ducks are in there!

Here come the ducks!

Not quite as exciting as we were expecting (not sure what we were expecting!) and none of our ducks were winners. :(

But the huge puddles were fun to walk/wade in!

After Papillion Days Brian and our friend Ben went and golfed 9 holes. He said it was good to get back on the course! Shockingly he didn't take any pictures for me to share.  After golfing we went over to their house for a fun bbq.

Here's Brady and his friend Brayden roasting marshmallows. This is a very serious activity!

Mmmmm marshmallows!

Late that night were the Papillion fireworks. We can see them from our street so we let Brady get up and see them since he was in bed but not asleep yet.  

The next morning was Father's Day! Brady, Layla, and I made breakfast for Brian and then Brady and Brian  went to church. Brady's been asking to go so how could we not? It was Layla's naptime so just the boys went. When they got back we gave Brian all of his presents.

This was one of Brian's presents. I asked Brady a bunch of questions about his daddy and these were his answers.  (Click on the picture to see it larger.)

Church and opening presents are hard work. Notice the destruction!

After that we went to a local splash pad

Layla enjoyed it!

Fun splashing!

Layla in her pretty new swimsuit

We bbq'd and then played a nice round of T-ball since Brady's game got canceled yesterday due to rain.

A great Father's Day! They are so lucky to have such a wonderful father and I couldn't be happier to have him as a partner raising these two crazy kiddos! :)

Happy Father's Day to all of those out there especially my dad (Happy Birthday too Grampa!!), my father in law (Papa), Great Grandpa Ross, Great Grandpa Fothergill, and all of our Uncles, other family, and friends!  We are blessed to have and know so many wonderful fathers!  :)


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