Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Strawberries and the Sickies

Monday morning we made plans with our friends who we normally get together with on Monday's to go strawberry picking. It was at a nearby berry farm and pumpkin patch and the picking really was excellent! Here are some pictures:
Brady so excited to pick strawberries
Ooh I'm going to pick this one!

This one look good?

Layla and her friend John Patrick were not amused that they didn't get to pick any

Brady with his strawberries

Brady with his bff Judah and his mom and brother on the tractor ride
Brady was acting weird at the end of the picking trip and said he just wanted to go home...which is odd for him.
After we got back this is about all he did the rest of the day. And the next day (today).  He had a fever in the 102's, wouldn't eat, had no energy, and was just a grump.  Today his fever broke and he developed a lovely rash. It looks like roseola.

Layla followed suit and did nothing but lay around (usually on Mommy) the rest of that day too and today. Her fever was in the 102's as well.
We tried to go outside to get some fresh air but she wasn't having it.  This was the blank "I don't feel good" stare I've been getting from both of them the past couple days. So it's been the summer of fun illnesses so far! Hopefully their bodies will soon get the message that being sick in the summer isn't cool!  Nothing but fun here! :)


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