Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Roses and Daffodils...and Puke

I know that most of posts are positive and happy...because most of the time that's how I'm feeling and how things are.  But I do want you to know that life is not all roses and daffodils over here.  We have our fair share of tantrums, tears, timeouts, the normal day to day things that having 2 little children ensues. Plus I figure you don't want to hear about how many diapers I changed, how many times I wiped a butt, how many timeouts we did so I stick to the positive stuff. Today was just one of those days for the record books though. So I'm going to share it with you....not as much for you but so I can look back on it, get a good laugh, and then one day be relieved I don't have 2 small children anymore, ha! :)

The day started out normal enough.  We got up, watched some Mickey Mouse, snuggled, and ate our chalk-it (chocolate) waffles and milk.

The kids played while I paid bills, cleaned up dishes, and just did the normal morning routine stuff.  I said a lot of this, "Brady! Layla! Stop licking each other!"  Yes, licking is a fun activity for both of my children. I guess there are worse things.  And "Layla! Stop headbutting your brother!" And I was worried about her holding her own with Brady, ha!  For the most part they play well together and do enjoy each others company though. Mostly but  pretty sure I took a drum away at some point too. Sigh.

Layla really needed her 12 month shots. I'd been putting it off and decided we just needed to get it over with.  Last time I took both of the kids to the doctor they both cried so hard Brady threw up so I decided it best to just take Layla on her own and bring Brady up to base to have lunch with Daddy. I got the kids ready, fed the dog, and got myself dressed. I had a 5 minute discussion with Brady that he could not in fact put makeup on like Mommy; that Daddy probably wouldn't be too pleased. I stopped Layla from eating dog food probably at least 6 times (girlfriend will eat just about anything), changed a poopy diaper and tried to keep said child from playing with her poopy diaper (Layla is my gross child) and then we were off!

I love going on base. I don't know why but I think it's so fun to show my military id and go through the gates. I know it's nerdy. We've never lived on base nor do I rarely go on base so that's probably why it still excites me. Brady was so excited to go see Daddy. "Hi Daddy's work! Hi Daddy's airplane!"  As we went through the gate he told the guard, "Hi! Welcome to Daddy's work."  The other week when we met Brian at his squadron he told me how excited he was to go see the airplane store where Daddy worked. Because when he's not flying he must work in the store. The mind of a 3 year old cracks me up!

We got to the BX (base exchange), dropped Brady off with Daddy, and Layla and I were off to the clinic for shots. Layla got called little boy, little buddy, and handsome guy only a couple of times. So that was good.  And yes, she was wearing a blue dress but it had pink flowers all over it and she has pink shoes and a pink pacifier!  I guess the lady mullet just throws them off.  Shots were horrible and I cried inside right along with her. We got back in the car, drove back to the BX and I got the stroller and Layla out.  As I was pushing up the seat the recliner the string broke.  Annoying, but whatever. She can just ride in the stroller like a gangster.  Then as I started walking my flip flop broke. Just out of nowhere the thong part of it snapped.  There was no way I could walk with it so I held the shoe in one hand and hobbled up to the front of the BX praying there was no glass, dead animals, really anything gross on the street.  A few people stared. I'm sure I looked like mom of the year with my child with several bandaids all over her thighs, a stroller with a seat partially reclined, mainly stuck, and a mommy wearing just 1 shoe. We found the boys and I made jokes to those nearby about no shoes, no service, and ate my lunch with Layla while Brady and Brian went to get me a cheap pair of replacement sandals.

We left the BX, Brian and I were remarking how we didn't get to talk much when we ran into some people we knew in the parking lot.  Halfway through the conversation Brady starts whining and grabbing his stomach.  I could see in his eyes he was ready to blow. I tried getting Brian's attention but then Brady just threw up everywhere. Several times.  Luckily they all have children so they understood but man it was embarrassing. We realized that we both filled his drink up with lemonade and he drank a whole milk too.  Parents of the year! Kid likes his beverages and will drink to the point of vomiting. I worry about his college years. Let's just say at this point too that I said a silent prayer that no one in the parking lot would have their flip flop break and encounter my child's puke. We got the kids in the car, said goodbye to daddy and drove home.

Brady got out of the car and said, "Man my tummy feels much, much better! I spit my lunch all over the street. It was soo yucky! Whew!"  We played outside for a little bit, Layla tried eating bird poop, and then she fell and scraped her knees.  I declared naptime and now all is quiet and good.  So if anyone thinks staying at home with children is a cakewalk, I introduce you to my day. And it wasn't even that out of the ordinary!  And I close with a picture of Layla. Because I can. :)

Now time for some ice cream and reality television on the dvr!


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