Thursday, June 6, 2013

Layla is 1!

Nothing like blogging about something almost a month later! I had written this a couple weeks ago but thought I'd share now:
 Oh my Layla, my sweet little Layla bean! You are a year old and wow did this last year just completely fly by.  I always dreamed of having a little girl and a  part of me always knew when I got pregnant with you that I was going to have a sweet little girl.  I remember that first ultrasound when we found out that indeed you were a girl and I was just overjoyed! I have loved shopping for girly things and putting cute little dresses and bows on you (even if you do pull them out!).  I love your sweet little giggles, the way you love snuggling into me when you nurse, the way you look at your brother with amazement like he is the coolest person you've ever seen, and just watching you grow and learn new things!  I am SO thankful you a little more laid back than your brother was as an infant. It's made things so much easier.  I can't wait to see you take your first steps, express your personality even more, and just grow up into a little woman!  Just remember that we all love you so much and please take it easy on us, especially when you're 2, mama's tired! :)  


Layla is now almost 13 months..yikes!  She sure is expressing her personality more and more and can sometimes be quite the little stinker!  At her 12 month well check she was 20.86 lbs (64%) 28.5 inches (27%) and her head was in the 76th percentile!

Layla loves walking with someone's help holding her hands. I think she could walk if she really wanted to but she's content holding on to someone for now!  She loves her walker and sprints whenever she's in it! She crawls and cruises and we're anxiously awaiting her first steps!

Layla is quite the little talker. Although most of the time it's Layla language but some words are understandable! Her words are: dada, mama, bougie (Rascal), no no, yes, hi, wow, milk, snack, Mack, up, ouch, oops, grandpa, nana, papa (sorry grandma she will say it soon!), and her newest word yesterday was pretty when she was looking in the mirror! :)

Layla has 6 teeth in and is working on 2 more right now.  Such a joy that teething is.

Layla LOVES to eat. And she likes to take her time eating too! Her favorite foods are: cheese, blueberries, crackers, pasta, yogurt, waffles, grapes, crunchies, and yogurt bites She is not a fan of vegetables but does like carrots and corn just like her brother. I try and sneak other veggies in with those little squeeze pouches...shhh don't tell her!  She's drinking more and more whole milk now. Sometimes she'll drink a little water too. I have her completely night weaned now and just nurse her twice a day.  Hopefully I will have her completely weaned in a couple weeks. My goal is by 4th of July. She's having a hard time, especially when she was sick.  Nursing for her is just a big comfort thing rather than a nutritious thing.  It breaks my heart but I think it's time to be done. 12 months was wayyy longer than I was planning on doing it!

Little lady sure asserts herself and lets us know when she's not pleased. She has quite the set of lungs on her too, it's pretty impressive sometimes!  I was so worried about Brady walking all over Layla but she has no problem telling him what's what.  She's even aggressive with him too, sometimes hitting him and lots of head butting. She does absolutely adore Brady though and most of the time they do get along and play nicely.

Now time for some pictures!:

Layla in her walker

She was not having the bow

Or really pictures in general

Yeah this was the best one I got

Hmm should I be good or be a stinker?

Hahahah a stinker of course!

I crack myself up!

Looking back:
Layla at birth 5/15/12

Layla 3 months: 8/15/12

6 Months 11/15/12

9 months 2/15/13

1 Year! 5/15/13

And Brady at 1 year for comparison!

Layla racing down the driveway

Layla talking in her jibberish on my phone!


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