Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another 5k under the belt!

Well we did it! Another 5k! Another improved score and another t-shirt proving I can get up early and pay to run!

My running partner Jessica and I.  Seriously not sure why I look so orange. I got a little burnt the day before outside but this yellow shirt makes my skin color a little bizarre!

Jessica and I with our supportive husbands

This race was the College World Series Road to Omaha 5k. We got to run along the riverfront, around the warning track at the College World Series stadium, and then up and down some hills to the finish line.

These people in the front all finished first.  

Note to self: be in the front and not the back.  We probably would have won if we had done that.  We don't look nervous, no not at all.

Off we go!

Coming in for the finish

Almost there!

Oh gosh are we there yet?

And we finished! Took a minute off of our best time and finished in 34:14.  So still not great but we're improving!  We both felt super sluggish during the run (maybe getting little sleep, drinking wine, going non-stop the day before, not really running much the weeks before, and eating a giant brownie sundae at 11:00 the night before had something to do with it?) but we were happy that we did better!  We have a better training program planned and we hope to do a lot better on our next race.

Brady had to jump in for a picture too

Gosh I would be scared to race again me.

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

Good for you! ANd congrats on a personal best for time, that is really amazing.

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