Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

I just love summer. Especially weekends in the summer. It seems like there are endless things to do and this past weekend was no exception.  It's no secret that I like to keep busy and I just love family friendly activities! Friday night was the start of the Taste of Omaha. It was a beautiful 75 degree sunny night so after Brian got home from work we packed the kiddos up and drove to the riverfront in downtown Omaha.
Brady enjoyed the music. A lot. He was making people laugh with all of his booty shakin!

Me eating some corn. Not as good as the Minnesota State Fair's corn (which is pretty hard to beat!) but it was good!

We took a walk around Freedom Park which part of the festival was on. Brady had fun saying hi to all of the ducks

Pretty fountain!

The festival was huge! There were two huge sides to it with this bridge connecting both sides

Brady formed a friendship with this nice man

"Mommy take my pictures with the men"

Brady even got to fly a plane

He flew it so fast. So, so fast.

Brian got to eat some steak on a stick from Warren Buffett's favorite steak place.  Steak and corn doesn't get more Nebraskan than that!

Our friends the Royster's met up with us and took this lovely family photo of us. Such a fun night!

The next morning was Brady's t-ball game

We had planned to go to a wine and balloon festival that night but the weather was not so nice. It was 50's and rainy so instead Daddy and Brady had a boys night in (watching a Muppets movie) and Layla and I had a girls shopping trip.  She liked this hat. I didn't want to tell her that her head is a toddler size 3!  Girl has a large head!

Sunday morning my friend Jessica and I ran our second 5k!  We didn't plan the outfits but our husbands could see us running the whole race since our shirts were so bright!

We can see the end!!

Sprinting to finish

Lovely action shot Brian took

We did it!! We even took 2 minutes off of our time! It was much easier running without strollers!  We've got the 5k bug, our next one is in 3 weeks!! :)

Brady had to get in on the action too. My favorite was "Mommy, I'm so proud of you. You run soo fast!"  Afterwards we had Dunkin Donuts (which we definitely earned!), napped, played, and went to the park. Another wonderful weekend! :)


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