Sunday, June 16, 2013

The week from you know where!

Last week was just one of those weeks you'd like to forget.  Both kids were so sick and SO crabby that we did pretty much absolutely nothing but survive and try not to go crazy.  The kiddos did in fact have roseola so it was days of high fevers and lovely rashes.  It also included extreme crabbiness from both children (at the same time too), poor appetites, poor napping, extreme mommy clinginess, and constipation from the poor appetite. So it was a joyful week in which the second Brian came home I would escape to gather some sanity!  Here are pictures from our week (or lack thereof):
When Layla wasn't feeling well Brady thought it'd be a good idea to distract her with a book. Or 40.

Some of the lovely rash on Brady's leg. Taken by Brady Photography

Kind of hard to see but the spotted rash  all over his belly.  

 And that was our week! Thank goodness tomorrow is a new week! :)


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