Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend flew by all too fast like it always does!  We had special guests this past weekend: our friend Spike, who is also Layla's godfather, and we got to meet his girlfriend Jenna.  The kiddos had so much fun with them and although the weather didn't really cooperate we made the best of it and had a great time! Here are some pictures from our weekend:
Friday was nice so we spent most of the day outside. Us playing outside before they came.

Layla was excited to see her godfather!

They wasted no time getting them to play cars!
Friday night (I didn't take any pictures which was shocking!) we went to Midtown and had a nice meal at one of our favorite places, Ingredient.  After that we drove downtown and had ice cream at Ted and Wally's which has the yummiest homemade flavors!  It was craziness downtown with an art festival, a sand in the city exhibit, and an Italian festival so we headed out pretty early.

Saturday morning bright and early we headed to Brady's t-ball game. He's the one in the black pants.

We had to wake Layla up to leave. She was pretty tired the whole game!
Brady was tired this morning but a pep talk from Uncle Spike got him all ready to hit!  The kids thought it was pretty cool that his name was Spike!

Brady's hit!

Running to 1st base

Jenna and Layla at the game

Running home!

After the game we came back and played

Layla made the boys wear flower headbands which they loved

Hee heee!!
After some naps we took them on a tour of the base and we got to see one of his planes up close (no pictures taken, yet again. I was off this weekend!).

Layla with Spike and Jenna

They were so sweet with her!

Brady and Layla with Spike and Jenna
That night we just hung around the house. We barbequed some steaks, watched Cars, and played some card games once the kiddos went to bed.

Snuggling with Uncle Spike Sunday morning

Such a fun weekend!
Thanks for coming to visit, come again soon!! :)


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