Friday, October 26, 2012

The Weirdest Weekend Ever

Hello it's Brady. Nice to see you too.  I seriously had one of the weirdest weekends EVER last weekend. In fact, I'm still recovering from it. Dying to know what happened? Ok, here you go:

I was just talking to my Grandma on the phone in my chair (pants are optional on my off hours) and all of a sudden Nana and Papa ran through the door!  Best surprise ever!!
The weekend started out great! We played and played.

We taught Layla how to play the drums....

Papa, Mack, and I did lots of potty times. (Boys only)

But then Papa squeezed us really tight and made us sit in his lap for a story. He told us the story about the magical pumpkins. If you stare at them for a long time they make crazy things happen.

Well Layla was all for it.  I was a little weary but she wanted to try it. She went the light up pumpkin route....

                                     I went the pumpkin cookie route. Much healthier.

I'm not so sure this is doing anything...

 He told me to have faith and then all of a sudden...


An alien appeared and Mom had her arm around it.

Oh hell no.  I'm not getting near this thing.

Then we were all walking and a peacock appeared.

Next we were floating and this cow warned us of the aliens.  Umm cow dude I already saw one and it already got my mom.

Nooo not you too Nana!!!

Somehow Mom came back but then we were all unable to open our eyes.

Before I knew it I could open my eyes again but I couldn't stop staring.

Must. Keep. Eyes. Open.

Then Mommy turned into a pirate

And then Papa was one too

Then I was riding a tractor

Before I knew it I was back at home (and off duty apparently) with some sweet cars on my feet.

Then I turned into a native Mississippi farmer.

Lesson learned. Never look straight at a pumpkin ever again.
The END!


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