Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Longest Deployment Ever

Ok I'm exaggerating. It's only been 65 days (but who's counting, right?).  I've just hit my done point. The last couple of weeks of the deployment are the worst. I'm more than ready for Brian to come home and as of today we still don't have a "coming home" date.  It's been a whirlwind of a week with possible "dates", canceled tickets, changed plans, and as of right now Brian is in Tokyo with a broken plane.  I am going to just try and be positive and just get through the next couple of days. We're so close, yet so far away still to the end!  The past week went by soo slow but it was a good week too!
I turned 27 on Tuesday. 27! Seriously, where have the years gone? The first birthday Brian celebrated with me was my 15th. That was 12 years ago!! Crazy.  It was the first birthday in a couple of years that Brian hasn't been here for but my friends and family really spoiled me and I really did have a wonderful day! The babies both slept through the night (best present EVER!). We went out to lunch with my friend Liz and her son Judah, had a visit from my friend Pearlie, and had a delicious dinner and playtime with my friend Alma.  Not to mention a DELICIOUS cheesecake from my in-laws that they sent from Cheesecake Factory for me.  Yum. Thank you for the extra 5 lbs! :)
All of my flowers and cards. Thank you everyone that thought of me!

Layla got a new Baby Einstein jumper. She doesn't really get that you can jump in it but she likes being upright and more on Brady's level.

I just love her chubby cheeks. You better believe I kiss and bite those sweet things everyday! :)

Stare down with the froggy.

Yeah that's right

We're working slowly-let me repeat, SLOWLY- working on potty training with Brady. He's gone pee pee a total of 4 times on the potty. He will not poop on the potty for anything.  He would rather sit on the potty and point to items in the bathroom for me to name (why this is fun I do not know) than actually go potty. He really wanted an M&M (his prize for going potty) the other day so I said, "Ok bud, if you go on the potty you can have 1 yellow M&M".  He must have forgotten because the second he sat down he started pointing at items (this time various things in the drawer) when I reminded him. The second I said yellow he started to pee. Little stinker. I think he just likes to play with me.  This will be an on-going battle. For Daddy to take care of.  :)

This is Layla during her naptime.  Wide eyed and bushy-tailed. I swear they plot to nap at different times and for one to be grouchy while the other is happy.

"Look Mom, I'm eating a lime!"

Saturday night is movie night while Daddy is gone. However, Saturday was taking too long to get here so we watched it on Friday night. This week we watched Lion King. Pretty sure this week movie night will be both Friday and Saturday night.

Brady making sure Layla wasn't scared when Simba's daddy died. They seriously are just the sweetest together.  Never thought Brady would like having a sibling or would be so loving!

And finally sweet Layla giggles. She cracks me up!
So Uncle Sam, feel free to send my hubby home!! :)


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