Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And the Fun Continues

Well...I really wish that this post was full of welcome home pictures but..... he's still not home. He's still in Tokyo.  The plane is still broken. We still have no news of when the plane will be fixed. And we have 1 very stressed and exhausted mommy, 1 crabby and sad little boy, and 1 crabby teething little girl.  It makes me laugh that that post about me being over the deployment was umm 11 days ago.  So hopefully Brian will be home in time for Thanksgiving.  I wish I was joking when I say that.  
But on a happy note, my lovely in-laws came and visited us this weekend and provided me with much relief and fun!  We honestly had a blast and Brady was so happy the entire weekend! Here are some pictures from our weekend with Nana and Papa:
Layla with her Nana. And her giraffe.

Brady having lots of fun with his papa.

Layla wasn't too sure of that man with the mustache.

Don't they just look thrilled? :)

Yeah she's teething. Just a little bit.

Layla jumping on the trampoline and Brady running a train around her.

Brady loves his nana!

The next day we went to the Bellevue Pumpkin Patch.

I think my kids may be sick of me taking pictures of them.

Yay pumpkin patches!

On a hayride

Layla's first hayride and she eats her coat instead?


I should be a photographer. Perfect picture with the camera string.

"This one!"

Then we rode on a choo choo train!

And climbed on a pirate ship

Brady and Nana were all the way at the top!

"Weeee this is fun!"

Group shot at the pumpkin patch

Pretty little girl

Nana and Layla enjoying the beautiful fall day!

Decorating pumpkins

Brady and Papa jamming out

He's very serious about his guitar playing.

I'd say they wore him out! :)


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